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January 13, 2019

It is known that ants help the ecosystem by helping in decomposition, they turn over the soil in your garden and redistributes the nutrients, and to the farmers, they are as effective as pesticides in getting rid of pests.  Not all, however, are in love with ants. And there is a good reason why.

All of us have probably gone through different attacks from these tiny creatures, whether they bite on you while you sleep, eat your food, or ruin your birthday cake.  These are just a few reasons not to welcome ants in your homes.


There are more than 10,000 species of ants, so they won’t be disappearing anytime soon.  Most of these species are found in the forests, while a few make it to our homes and offices.  

They form colonies and each colony has one queen and plenty of fertile males. The queen’s only function in life is to lay as many eggs as possible to ensure the survival of her colony.  Male ants have only one role too, and that is to mate with the queen. The ant workers are actually female wingless ants. They are the ones who forage for food.

What Harm Can Ants Do?

One thing is they bite you even without provocation.  And their bite is quite painful and irritating.

Ants are constantly looking for food, and once they find a trace of it (usually on your table), they gather their fellow ants to attack the food. What you have cooked for dinner, the ants got there first.

They are unsightly, imagine your beautiful home with a trail of ants traveling from one wall to the next. Makes you want to reach out for that can of insecticide. Then, of course, they will bite you some more.

There are some instances when ants attack even electrical wirings. This is when they cause structural damages.


Maintain cleanliness in your homes.  Do not leave leftover food on the table, or at least put it in sealed containers.  You may also use non-repellant insecticides to eliminate the ants. If the problem has become too big for you to handle alone, then it is time to call Go-Forth Pest Control Company near Greenville SC.  Go-Forth has highly trained professionals who can do all the dirty work for you.

Why Go-Forth?

So who is Go-Forth Pest Control and why should we trust them?  For one, Go-Forth has been around for 59 years now. Then they have highly skilled professionals and friendly ones at that.  They have excellent experience not only in ant termination, but also with many other pest problems like cockroaches, rodents,  bed bugs, mosquitoes, and many others. The company has a special team of technicians who can evaluate your homes or offices on what type of service is just right for you.  

They have established their presence in Greenville SC and have worked closely with several homeowners as well as business owners in eliminating pests within the area.

So just pick up that phone now and let their team of professionals at Go-Forth Pest Control take care of all the dirty work.









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