Ant Control For Winston-Salem, North Carolina Residents

January 24, 2019

Winston-Salem is a city in North Carolina that is known for being the Twin City. This is because of the two main things that this place is remembered for which is being the City of the Arts and Innovation and for being the Camel City. The cities dedication in preserving the fine arts and theatrical arts in their place has been deeply impressed in the people not just to those who are living in Winston-Salem but also to people who are living in other places.

The said city being the Camel City on the other hand is in reference to how the city was created to be the source of fresh tobacco cigarettes back in the day. This was lead by R.J. Reynold’s who owned a Tobacco Company way back. Moreover, Winston-Salem is known to house an estimate count of 240,000 people during the year 2018. Making it the 5th on the most populated cities in all of North Carolina and as the 89th most populated city in the entire United States of America

Winston-Salem, being located in North Carolina, is exposed to a humid subtropical climate which means longer summer seasons and much warmer winter seasons compared to the other surrounding states. This type of climate invites for high humid temperatures which greatly affects in the creation of moist and damp places for nesting of pests. Go-Forth Pest Control is here to be the solution to your pest problem. We have a wide range of services that are sure to cater to your very distinct needs. Take a look at some of it below:

Ant Control

While termites may be what comes into our mind when it comes to pest infestations, ants can be as problematic as termites can be. Ants have the tendency to feed on almost anything or any type of material just like roaches would. Moreover, they can even feed on the same silky materials as much as termites would. And this should make them one of the most watched upon pests in our lists. However, Go-Forth Pest Control is here to make sure that these little creatures do not bother you. You do not have to worry about being able to reach and find these things as our experts are trained well enough to deal with different types of infestations.

Termite Control

Like what we’ve previously mentioned, termites like to feed on materials that has high silk content. Usually, these are products that have been draw and produced through parts of trees which means books, shelves, cabinets, wooden furniture and the like are the best nesting places for these pests. Our field control experts known exactly where to look in order to determine the source of termite infestations.

So what are you waiting for? Call in the nearest Go-Forth Pest Control branch in your area and let our team handle the situation for you! Schedule up your on site inspection with our team in order to diagnose as early as now the type of pests and treatments that is best suited for you!

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