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February 19, 2018

Pest control and extermination is a universal problem with governments, conglomerates, companies and households spending billions of dollars, finding ways and means to tackle this issue. In some under developed countries, the problem of pests is so aggravated that many human lives are lost annually and we are not immune too, from the vagaries of pests, as we have our own problems with them here too. Pests spread sickness, disease and also cause millions of dollars in costs and damages to buildings and on pesticides and medication for those affected by diseases in Charlotte, NC. We must understand that pests, whether we approve it or not, are also a part of our ecosystem and have a right to live in this world. 

Ant Exterminator

Most of the pests that we have to contend with like bed bugs, fleas, ants, ticks, stink bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, bees and wasps are very resilient and being a part of the ecosystem could be impossible to exterminate. They have all lived on Earth long before humans evolved, and they could say that they too have a perennial right to live alongside us. As long as they live peacefully like most other animals and do no harm to us, we could live side by side but it is when they enter our habitat and provoke us, cause misery and financial damage and spread disease that the relationship between us and these pests turn sour.

Today when their natural habitats have been threatened, they have no other alternative but to live close to us and scrounge on us for their food and abodes. The pests that cause the highest financial losses to us are the ants. Ants are subterranean pests and live in colonies consisting of thousands of ants, and are prolific breeders causing extensive structural damages to any type of buildings that they would be comfortable in.  

Ants could double the populations in their colonies like no other pest, and spread destruction unknown to us right under our feet. Even if you do not see a ant around your home, is imperative that you conduct regular ant inspections, and this done by professionals is in your best interests. Moving into a new home in Charlotte, NC is an exciting experience, whether you take it on lease or an outright purchase you would need to have the place gone over with a tooth comb to assess the issue of pests, prior to moving in.

A pest control and extermination program conducted by professionals in the business, could put your mind at ease as they will do a very detailed and comprehensive program to exterminate or control mosquitoes, stink bugs, bed bugs, ants, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, bees and wasps  and any other pests that you would have to contend with. The dispensing of pesticides is very strictly regulated and those personnel handling them need to be qualified to do so which in turn would protect you and your loved ones.  

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