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May 29, 2018

Have you seen ants trailing along countertops in your Raleigh, NC kitchen? If so, it’s very unfortunate since control can be quite difficult given that infestation has nothing to do with how clean your home is.

Proven Guide On How To Prepare For Ant Control Services

Professional ant control services will help you make certain baits with an aim of eliminating ants that are inside the nest and ants that are outside the nest which are normally worker ants. To effectively get control over the increasing colonies of ants in your home, you should do the following activities before and after treatment.

Before Treatment

  • Clean up spills, counters and floors to minimize potential food sources for ants.
  • Wash and vacuum carpet to eliminate any food crumbs.
  • Make a habit of storing food in refrigerator and washing dishes regularly.
  • Empty trash cans regularly and never leave pet food on the floor. Rather, ensure to pick up pet food immediately after it is done eating.
  • Make sure the dishwashers are empty or closed.
  • When ant control services arrive, make sure to provide detailed information about the prone areas.

After Treatment

  • Be patient since baits will not kill ants instantly. Rather, baits attract ants for feeding and they will carry them to the nest to feed the queen and other ants. This will help in eliminating the whole nest.
  • Don’t kill the ants that you see as they need to carry baits back to the nest.
  • Avoid the use of strong detergents especially near the baits. Doing so will eliminate trails that ants are using to find the set up baits.
  • Don’t disturb ants that are headed to and away from the baits. Rather, you can move baits placement to where ants are heading to.

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