April Is Pest Management Month!

April 1, 2014

Although pest management is a year-round task, April is now being recognized as "Pest Management Month" in North Carolina. The goal is to provide awareness and education on a plethora of ways pest solution specialist can help homes and business stay free of unwanted pests.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory recently named April as “Pest Management Month.”  The governor lists a variety of ways pest control professionals can help when it comes to health and safety in his official letter. Among the list are some of the more straight forward services, like protecting food supplies and eliminating cockroaches, who can carry dangerous allergens.  Termites are also on the governor’s list, for good reason — they can destroy wooden objects and end up costing a fortune in repairs! At Go-Forth Pest Control, we are glad to see Governor McRory acknowledging the pest control industry. 

Many people wait too late to take care of termite problems, and it ends up costing them.  Here’s to hoping that Pest Management Month raises awareness enough to save a few homes, decks or sheds this summer! If you think it’s time to take care of termites yourself, give us a call!  We offer termite control plans as well as a whole host of other pest control service plans to help keep your home clean and safe all year long!

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