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January 24, 2019

If you are reading this one, chances are you are having problems with bed bugs and are looking for a bed bug control company near Columbia. You are in luck, since Go-Forth Pest Control is just near you. Let Go-Forth Pest Control take care of your pest control needs. If you are in Columbia, then your pest control problems, including bed bugs, are solved!  We offer numerous pest control services to meet your needs.

First, What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that live off the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. They are about the same size of an apple seed. Once they feed off their hosts, their bodies swell. They move around quickly, though they do not fly. And though they cause discomfort to their hosts, they do not transmit diseases. They are nocturnal; they bite only at night while you sleep.

Bed bugs were once reported as having disappeared from public notice in the United States. However, since the 1990’s, these pests have made a comeback. The cause is unknown, but it is said to have been the result of the increase in international travel.


Bed bugs are travelers; they may enter your homes or offices through bags, luggage, clothes, or other items. Once they get to your house, they tend to hide on mattresses, bed frames, box springs, and headboards. This makes you vulnerable to them as they have easy access to you as you sleep.

Signs That You Have Bed Bug Infestation

If you wake up in the morning feeling itchy on areas that were not itchy the night before, you may have been bitten by bed bugs. You may also notice fecal stains, eggs, or blood stains on your sheets or pillow cases. It is also said that bed bugs smell like “rotting raspberries.”

Individual response to bed bugs vary. Some people may show no signs at all, while in some people, small, mascular spots to prominent wheals and bullae formations plus itching may occur for several days. Your beloved pets are also at risk, and the signs and symptoms are the same us humans’.

Control & Prevention

Clean your linens, bedding, and clothing in hot water then dry them on the highest dryer setting. High temperatures help kill off the pests. Vacuuming your bed can also work, but be sure to dispose of the vacuum right after use. If you have a spare bedding, enclose it in a plastic bag to protect them from bed bugs. If you have cracks in your wall, repair them. These are some of the favorite hiding places of bed bugs.

Let it be known that if none of these work, you have Go-Forth Pest Control to fall back on. Go-Forth Pest Control has highly trained professionals who can get the job done. Operating since 1959 in Columbia, we already have the the expertise gained from 59 years of experience.

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