Bed Bug Control Services In Charlotte, NC

February 12, 2018

Bugs invade various places around the house, a fact that makes them one of the hardest pests to control. From furniture to bedding, you will find bedbugs just about anywhere around your home. Living in a bed bug infested house is a dreadful experience and most homeowners will do all within their power to eliminate these pests as soon as they are noticed. Getting professional bed bug extermination service is usually a fast and efficient way of eliminating these bugs from your premises. If you believe your Charlotte, NC home is infested with bed bugs get the proper pest control services immediately. For the best results of a bed bug control procedure, it is important that you are weary of the rights and wrongs of bed bug control.

"Rights" Of Bed Bug Extermination 

Inspection: Bed bugs can hide in the tiniest of gaps or cracks on furniture, making them very hard to see. Before control  you need to conduct a thorough inspection of the house. An expert should examine all the rooms in the house to establish the approximate number of bed bugs and the areas in which they are located in. The findings acquired from the inspection are instrumental in establishing the best way to eliminate the bed bugs.

Spray Directly On Bed Bugs: Bed bugs hardly have a nest. They will almost always occupy a space in which they can hide. This in turn makes it hard to kill them as a colony. Bed bug control can therefore be achieved by directly spraying the treatments on any bedbug you sight. If this is done all round the house, you can rest guaranteed that the bed bugs will be successfully eliminated.

Opt For Less Toxic Treatments: Sprays, powders and other substances used in the control of bedbugs are usually toxic. While some cause only mild reactions and inflammations, others may even be life threatening. It is therefore recommended to often go for safer options. If a professional is handling the bed bug extermination, they should be open to suggestions of less toxic bed bug treatments. This should be done to ensure the safety of both your loved ones and pets.

"Wrongs" Of Bed Bug Extermination 

Get New Furniture: Typically, a large number of bed bugs live on furniture. Tables, chairs or beds provide them with an ideal environment to both live in and hide at the same time. Buying new furniture before an extermination procedure is concluded is not usually a bright idea. The only thing this does is create for the pests more hiding space. It is advisable to wait until the bed bug control is completed successfully before you can bring in extra furniture.

Go With Lots Of Stuff To Hotels: Picking up bed bugs is easy, especially when you carry around a ton of stuff. If you are spending the night at a hotel, it is recommendable that you carry as little of your belongings as possible. Before going back to your house, you should also check them to ensure that they are not invaded by bed bugs. This is one of the best ways to prevent a bed bug re-infestation.

By observing the above rights and wrongs, you will definitely be on your way to getting a long lasting bed bug solution.

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