Bed Bugs Pest Control In Richmond, Virginia

June 1, 2020

Bed bugs have been infesting even before you were born. They have been part of history and you cannot erase them. Bed bugs had been gone for some time but began to resurface again. And now, almost all countries or houses are suffering from their infestations.

The return of bed bugs may not have any exact reason. But it might happen due to the lack of pest control for bed bugs that everyone should be aware of. Due to the resurgence of the pests, several are complaining about bed bugs and the problems they bring.

Bed bugs will always be one of the peskiest pests you will have in your property. They do not only infest residential properties but also public places and business establishments! You have to make sure that you get rid of the pest before severe infestations occur. One way to remove bed bugs is by doing pest control.

Pest control is the most reliable solution when you have bed bugs or other pests. It uses proper treatments that can eliminate, kill, and stop infestations. If you have bed bugs, pest control is desperately a need since the pest is hard to exterminate. The need to get rid of bugs today is becoming high. The pest doesn't only infest properties, but they can be disturbing. Bed bugs can ruin your travel or sleep!

If your house in Richmond, Virginia has bed bugs, you should be familiar with the pest. This will help you know how you can get rid of it successfully.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Some people may know bed bugs while others may not have heard about it but never saw one. Well, bed bugs are tiny, oval, and flat-bodied pests that feed on people. They also feed on animals depending on situations. Bed bugs sneak when their hosts are asleep so that they will not be noticed. Bed bugs do not have wings so they cannot fly. They travel by clinging into your clothes, bags, shoes, and more. That's why they can quickly access your house as you bring them home unknowingly.

Bed bugs have reddish-brown color bodies and can reach a length of up to 7 millimeters. Due to their flat bodies, you can mistake it as another pest like tiny roaches and ticks. It is best to know what they look like so that you can easily identify them. Bed bugs don’t transmit any diseases to humans. However, they can bite you so you still have to be careful when you have them at home.

Life Cycle Of Bed Bugs

Have you ever wondered what happens to a bed bug’s life cycle? You should know that the pest’s life cycle is remarkably interesting and might even blow your mind. When female bed bugs reproduce, they can lay up to 500 eggs in their entire lifetime. The laid eggs will be hidden on surfaces or things that will protect them until they hatch. After 17 days, the eggs will start to hatch, and they can enjoy their lives for nine weeks. But the lifespan can depend as some adult bed bugs can live up to a year.

For bed bugs to reach full adulthood, they need to keep on feeding on you for blood. With this, they can complete their life cycle. When nymphs or newly hatched bed bugs come to life, they have to have blood meals. The blood they get will help them to grow and become full-grown adults. They have to go through five molts before they can be truly called adult bed bugs. That is why the pest will never stop biting you for blood because they need to thrive.

How To Spot Bed Bugs

Because of the small sizes of bed bugs, spotting them is difficult. If you don’t check your house thoroughly, you’ll never know that you already have bed bugs! Here are the signs you need to look for to spot the pests in your house.

Bites On Your Skin

If you keep on waking up with bites all over your body, then you have bed bugs at home. Those bites are on open skin like neck, arms, and legs. You don't usually get excessive bites but if you do now, then you have to worry. This only means that the pest is infesting your property. The pest will bite you when you are asleep as they are awake during the night. While you are in deep slumber, bed bugs are enjoying themselves as they feed on you for blood. Their bites are itchy and can last for days. Even though they bite, you don't have to worry as they do not transmit any human illness. You may experience allergic reactions when bitten so you still have to be careful about the pest. When you have allergies on bed bug bites, you can experience swelling and severe itchiness. If you keep on having bed bug bites, it only means you have to do pest control and you can seek help from a professional pest control company.

Shed Skins

Bed bugs shed skin over time. If you keep on seeing shed skins in your property, then you might have bed bugs. These skins are mostly shed by nymphs or young bed bugs every time they are done feeding. You can see dark shed skins on your bed or on areas where the pests are residing. These shed skins of bed bugs are already an indication that you have the pest. Seeing this sign, you have to immediately call a pest control company. This will help to get rid of the nymphs and adult bed bugs in your house for good.

Bed Bug Fecal Matter

Seeing reddish-brown feces on your sheets, mattress, pillowcase, and more, it means that there are bed bugs present. Seeing a lot of fecal matters can indicate that a heavy infestation is happening. 


Bed bugs will not only leave fecal matters on your bed or wherever, but they will also have bloodstains. This is another sign of bed bug infestations. It is alarming to see blood stains after waking up and you will think where it came from. This will make you panic especially if you do not see any wound in your body. The bloodstains you see in your bed are coming from bed bugs. You may have squeezed them while you are sleeping. Since they feed on you, it is expected that after crushing them, they’ll release blood. That's why you get those bloodstains. 

Moldy Odor

When there is an unusual smell in your property, you will quickly smell it and even look for it to get rid of it. You should know that when you have a moldy smell in your property, it could be a sign that you have pests at home like bed bugs. The pheromones that the pest releases are a sign that they are present, and you will be able to smell them more if bed bugs are already in great number. Once you smell a musty odor, it is best to call a pest control company to lend you a hand in exterminating pests found in and out of your property.

Bed bugs will always be an inconvenience where they go. The pest will be your enemy and they are hard to fight so it is best to know the signs of their presence so that you will quickly have an idea that you have them in your place. When you have bed bugs, you must be careful because once you move an infested item to another area, the pest can spread widely and it will be harder to get rid of them as they can be found all over the place.

When you have bed bugs at home, professional bed bug exterminators should be called as they know what to do and Go-Forth Pest Control has the best team of experts to help you.

Why Go-Forth Pest Control?

Among the hundreds of pest control companies, you can find in North Carolina, the one that stands out the most in Go-Forth Pest Control.

The company has more than 50 years of experience and they never fail in providing the best for their customers! The company offers exceptional pest control that helps in resolving pest issues in residential homes and commercial properties. Whether you have bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, rodents, or fleas, the company can eliminate them for you successfully!

Go-Forth Pest Control always gives their best because they want to give what their customers deserve to have. From inspections down to treatments, everything is done professionally and expertly so that no mistakes will be performed, and no danger will be done to you and your family. The company will always put your safety as their priority so rest assured that you will not experience any harm or accidents.

When you have pests like bed bugs, it is always best to call the most reliable pest control company and that is none other than Go-Forth Pest Control. Call them at 1-800-841-6113 and they will quickly provide your pest control needs!

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