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December 1, 2018

Bed bugs are parasites that feed exclusively on blood. Bed bugs are so small that they are able to feet even in the most hidden places on the sides on your bed. These little things like to nest on warm areas that allow them to easily feed on their host without being noticed.

Bed Bug Extermination Made Simple

Bed bugs operate more during the night, or usually the time when their host is sleeping, in this way they cannot be noticed. Bed bugs release their saliva on their host once they are done feeding, this saliva contains an anticoagulant that acts as a painkiller allowing them to go unnoticed. However, this can cause redness on the skin of their host depending on the skin sensitiveness of the person.

Nonetheless, bed bugs can go on for more than 360 days without intaking food simply because the digestive system of these creatures has room for food preservation. Bed bugs reproduce in batches just like any other insects. Male bed bugs pierce their eggs on the abdomens of newly fed female bed bugs, thus starting the reproduction cycle of bed bugs. Female bed bugs, as long as properly fed, can lay up to four eggs daily which in total can be 500 eggs in their whole lifetime. Bed bugs may be little, and they may be sneaky, but we’ve got the best solutions to get rid of them listed for you below.

Clean It Through Steam

Though most items you may have cannot be washed at high temperatures, this doesn’t mean that you cannot wash some items on high temperatures. If you’ve already done vacuuming to your sheets and carpets, then you may want to do steam cleaning next if you’re really eager to get rid of bed bugs. The steam uses high level of heat to kill these annoying creatures at whatever form they may be. Practically, this method can kill both eggs up to adult bed bugs.

Baking Soda

Baking soda works in eliminating different types of pests. This ingredient is known for drying out small pests such as bed bugs, it even absorbs the moisture from these creatures’ bodies which in the end kills them. You can do this method by spreading a thin layer of baking soda in all rooms in your house from the doorways up to the corners. Leave it on for at least a week and then vacuum it after. Do this process repeatedly until it is not necessary anymore.

Call The Professionals At Go-Forth Pest Control

While you may have done what you can and still have these little things lingering around your homes, enjoying the comfort of your own bed, there are still levels of infestations in which all you really have to do is trust the experts with. Go-Forth Pest Control offers you the solution to your pest infestation problems. We specialize in dealing with various types of pests and we are sure to have branches located near you! So what are you waiting for? 

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