Best Pest Control For Ants Near Columbia, SC

February 14, 2019

Anyone who has lived in a house knows how the presence of ants in a home can be so irritating, embarrassing, and painful. Ants, despite the universal respect being accorded them, is an unwelcome visitor in most homes. We would not want to share our property with them; they steal our food and they bite even without provocation. They will eat any type of food but are more attracted to sweets in particular. They can actually do more structural damages to your house than termites could. There are some instances when ants attack even electrical wirings. This is when they cause structural damages.  We want to stop them right at their tracks so they will not be able to do any more damage. 


There are more than 10,000 species of ants, so they won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Most of these species are found in the forests, while a few make it to our homes and offices.

They form colonies and each colony has one queen and plenty of fertile males. The queen’s only function in life is to lay as many eggs as possible to ensure the survival of her colony. Male ants have only one role too, and that is to mate with the queen. The ant workers are actually female wingless ants. They are the ones who forage for food. Here are a few tips on how to control these ants:

1. Maintain cleanliness in your homes. Do not leave leftover food on the table, or at least put it on sealed containers. Immediately wipe off spills food crumbs on the table and floor. Next thing you know, ants will be there in no time.

2. Clean up spills. Coffee spills, soda spills, juice, chocolate or milk are easy targets for the ants. Immediately wipe off these spills, or soon you would find an army of ants right at the very spot of the spill.

3. Place a cover on your trash bins. If left open, you are offering food to these ants.

4. Caulk cracks and crevices around foundations and other sites that provide entry from the outside. Indoors, eliminate cracks and openings that ants may use as entry points, especially in kitchens and other food preparation areas.

However, ant infestations might need professional care. That is when the Go-Forth Pest Control Company comes in.

Call Go-Forth

Go-Forth has been serving customers in Columbia for 59 years now. They have excellent experience not only in ant control, but also with many other pest problems like cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants, and many others. The company has a special team of technicians who can evaluate your homes or offices on the type of service that is just right for you.  They also offer same-day service, EPA approved pest extermination methods and discounts for regular service agreements.

Go-Forth is a family-owned exterminator company that has earned the trust of local homeowners and businesses alike. Contact us today to set an appointment. Our friendly operators are standing by.

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