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December 3, 2018

Silverfish are insects that usually prefers to actively work during the night. They measure to 13 to 25 millimeters and their abdomens are located at the end part of their bodies which gives them fish-tail look. Silverfish are born colored white, but they later on develop their grayish and metallic color as they grow into an adult. Silverfish have two long cerci and a terminal filament at the end of their abdomens. And just like other insects, these creatures have two compound eyes. Moreover, silverfish are wingless creatures that possess a long antennae. Thus, their tail-like ends are what allows them to mobilize from one place to another through moving like a fish. 

Silverfish Management Made Simple

These little creatures have a life span of about two to eight years. Depending on how well they are fed and how hidden they are. Silverfish are fast runners and can even outrun multiple legged insects like spiders and centipedes. However, silverfishes are only able to run fast on flat horizontal surfaces though, they can still climb vertically but not as fast as they could crawl on a horizontal surface. As much as these things crawl fast, they do not reproduce fast. A silverfish egg would take more than 130 days in order to hatch. Thus, making their offspring vulnerable for a long period of time unless protected. Here are some of the best ways to get rid of silverfish near you.

Boric Acid

You can use Boric Acid in getting rid of silverfish for a variety of ways. To start off, boric acid is severely abrasive for the very fragile exoskeletons of silverfishes. It means that, even the slightest exposure of their bodies to boric acid will eventually lead them to death. And of course, boric acid can work even when consumed by silverfish. For this method, you’ll just have to sprinkle the boric powder to your baseboards, cabinet surfaces, drawer tops and other areas where you think the silverfish would usually roam in.

Essential Plants

There are various plants that are known to give off scents that seem to repel silverfishes. One of the most popular plant deterrent for these pests is Camphor. This plant is derived from a camphor tree which can also be synthesized as an insecticide. Another plant you can use around your home is rosemary, simply contain rosemary leaves to breathable sachets and place these bags in areas where the silverfish are usually found. If they sense these things, they are surely to run away from it.

Go-Forth Pest Control Services

Why not let experts take care of this pest issue for you? Go-Forth Pest Control services have branches nationwide that are ready to cater to your pest elimination needs. Ever since the year 1959, we have been committed into providing our customers the best services when it comes to pest control. We value the importance of having a safe and pest free environment to live in, and so we understand your needs. Let us make it right for you. Call our nearest branch now.

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