Can I Get Rid Of Termites Without An Exterminator?

June 5, 2020

Seeing your dream house turn into reality is one great achievement. Living in your own home is a sweet treat because you do not have to pay for rents. All you have to think about is about bills or other expenses that you must pay. However, as time passes by, your house will experience several problems like damage and most of all pests.

One of the pests that will attack or invade your home is termites. The pest is the most damaging because they target structures. If you have them, you might lose the value and aesthetic of your property. Termites will eat their way into your property especially if you have a wooden home.  Everyone is aware that the pest loves woods. If your house has it and has wooden furniture, expect to see them swarming into your property.

There are several ways on how you can get rid of termites. Since everything is searchable on the internet, looking for termite remedies is never difficult. There are natural ways on how you can eliminate the pest while there are methods where you need professional help. However, hiring an exterminator is among the least options for some especially if finances are the matter. It is expensive to get rid of pests specifically termites because of the extensive damage the pest brings.

You would always ask if you can get rid of termites without any help from an exterminator. If you have termites or suspect an infestation, here are the things you need to know about eliminating them.

Can Termites Be Eliminated Even Without An Exterminator?

Termites are destructive and they are called silent destroyers. They will sneak into your home, create mud tunnels, and eat your wooden structures and furniture. Termites will never be an easy opponent. When they infest, they do not only come in pairs, but they come in large groups or a colony! The pest can be eliminated in different ways. You can get rid of them on your own using DIY termite control.  You can search for it on the internet and purchase it in the market.

There are home remedies that may work for termites. However, it does not guarantee that your home will be free from them. You can do pest control for termites on your own. But, if you want the best results in exterminating termites, you cannot do it by yourself. You will still need the help of a termite exterminator as professionals know more about the pest. Exterminators recognize where termites hide and where the pest has its colonies. With this, professionals can quickly find and eliminate the pest. If you do the control on your own, you might not be able to start immediately. You will find it hard as you do not know where to begin.

Moreover, an exterminator is still needed in dealing with pests like termites. He has the right equipment and treatments which are effective. If you do the work, you will have to look for treatments that you can apply to termites. In the end, it will take a lot of your time. Even before you find the right treatment, your termite infestation is already worsening.

You can do termite control even without an exterminator. However, if your termite problem is already worse, then it is time that you hire a termite exterminator. He will deal with your issues effectively.

Why Call A Termite Exterminator?

Sometimes, you don't want an exterminator to deal with your termite problems because it is expensive. With this, you could be making a wrong move or decision. Though DIY termite control is available, it is still needed to call an exterminator to have a termite-free home.

Here are the reasons why you should call a termite exterminator.

Termites Have Big Colonies

Like all pests, termites will keep on increasing their numbers and their colonies will expand more. Because termite colonies can grow bigger, it is a need for you to call a termite exterminator. Colonies are never easy to eliminate. Termite colonies are not only home to hundreds but millions of termites. If you deal with it on your own, you might even give up in the middle. Colonies are hard to remove so it is best to have an expert do it for better results. 

Termites Colonies Are Difficult To Detect

Unlike other pests that you see inside your home, termites will usually create colonies underground. This is among the reasons why they are hard to eliminate. Locating their colonies is difficult as they are found below the ground. So if you do the control, it might take you forever to know where termites are coming from. There are termites as well that may be nesting above the ground. With this, it will also be hard to find them if you don’t have any idea where they could be staying. The pest is always attracted to the wood. If you and your neighbor have wooden structures, both of your properties can be infested. Also, the colonies may have already expanded to your neighbor’s property. If you want to find where colonies of termites are located, a termite exterminator can do it for you.

Termites Should Have On-Going Treatments

Let us say that the pest control product you have applied for termites worked. After this, you did not do continuous treatments. Do you think a one-time treatment will work effectively? You should know that one-time treatments for termites do not last long and will never work. What you need is an on-going treatment, and this is what the pest needs. You should let an exterminator treat your home because he will not only end it in applying treatments. He will come back to make sure that your house is free from termites. Your home should have treatments installed like baits. Even though exterminators are away, termites are still kept at bay and will not be able to infest more of your property. You should monitor your home as much as possible. When the pest keeps on appearing, you can immediately report it to your termite exterminator.

Termites are no joke. You should never rely on DIY pest control or on what you know. The large colonies the pest creates, it is never easy to treat it without skills. You can't do everything like locating colonies or driving away the pest. But if you hire a termite exterminator, he can deal with all your problems. You’ll never have to worry because an experienced individual will do the work for you.

Signs Of Termites At Home

If you suspect that you have termites, here are the signs that will verify your suspicions.

Mud Tunnels

if you see mud tunnels on your walls, floors, or the entire house, it means that you have termites. These tunnels serve as the path for termites to their food sources, so you will likely see the end of the tunnel on wooden structures that the pest loves. 

Damage On Wood

since termites love wood, expect to see damage on it and it is an indication that the pest is present. Termites will eat wood and with this, the center is left vulnerable. With this, your foundation, structures, or furniture can become weak and it only means you have to spend more on repairs.

Banging On Walls

if you keep on hearing unusual sounds like banging on walls, it means that termites are present specifically soldier termites. The pest will bang their heads on the walls whenever they feel threatened. The banging is a signal for other termites that they are in danger.

Flying Termites

when you see flying termites or so-called swarmer, it is a sign that the pest has already infested your property. These flying termites are female and male termites that have flown out to find their mates. Swarmers will leave their nests to find mating partners and new places to settle in for their colony. If you keep on seeing flying termites or discarded wings, you need to move because an infestation can happen anytime.

Termites should not be taken lightly. You can handle a few pests but if an infestation is occurring in your property, you cannot get rid of termites without an exterminator. If you need an exterminator to help you with your termite problems, Go-Forth Pest Control is the answer!

Why Go-Forth Pest Control?

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