Can I Leave Led Lights On All Night?

November 20, 2019

It is once again that time for joy, love, and giving! For Christians all over the world, it is the most wonderful time of the year. It is the season for family reunions, gatherings with friends, and parties! This is not the time to watch your diet, for you would not want to miss out on all your favorite dishes that mom will be preparing for the whole family. Of course, we are talking about nothing else but the Christmas season! 

One more thing people definitely look forward to during this season is the beautiful twinkling lights, and their presence signals the start of the Christmas season. For some reason, these lights provide us with that happy feeling. It is not just darkness that dissipates with the presence of these lights, but the stress that has accumulated for the whole year. If only we can put this on and never take them off the whole year round, but of course that is not possible; just imagine the electric bills every month, for one. Another thing is that Christmas lights are for, well, Christmas.

Over the years, one thing that has become popular is the use of LED lights. It is now LED versus Incandescent Lights for Christmas. People are letting go of incandescent light bulbs in favor of the more energy-efficient LED lights. It is also noteworthy for being cool to the touch, which makes it less susceptible to causing a fire. It also is long-lasting and does not burn out, but instead simply dims over time.

Now with all these advantages, the question that begs to be answered is: can we leave LED lights on all night?

Holiday Fires Are Real

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) reports that hundreds of holiday fires are due to Christmas tree-related causes. Now, instead of Christmas cheer, many people experienced the disaster.

Christmas LED lights are in themselves relatively safe. It is much cooler than the old school lights we used in years past. In the case of old school light strands, when a single bulb blows out, it could cause the rest of the bulbs to become hotter. This poses a danger to Christmas trees that are dried out. LED lights do not pose such danger.

However, even if the LED lights are safe, there are other factors that one must watch out for. Power outlets, wirings, and the transformer are potential sources of trouble. Be sure not to overload your power outlets. Check your lighting cords if they are pinched. Be careful not to overheat your transformer.

With that being said, let us adhere to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recommendation not to leave the Christmas lights on the whole night. We cannot compromise our safety. Anyway, there will always be tomorrow evening to enjoy these lights again. When it comes to installing your Christmas lights, we are pleased to tell you that we here at Go-Forth offer light installation services for households in North Carolina and the rest of the triad. If you are from the Lake Norman area, you may avail of our services too.

We provide you with Christmas light installation services for outdoor trees, greenery, rooflines, windows, grounds, and specialty decorations.

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