Can I Use A Fogger In One Room? (Columbia, SC Exterminators)

May 29, 2020

Most people do not like bugs and other pests. Who would? These can even cause diseases. Bugs and pests are present in people’s homes, gardens, food, and sometimes, even in their devices! The most common reasons why homeowners hate pests is the damages, illnesses, and nuisances they bring.

So, what do people do? Kill them. Sometimes, by using “foggers” or “bug bombs”. These insecticides are stored in various sizes of canisters. Once activated, they release fumes into the air, killing every pest they get in contact with. These are usually used inside people’s homes. 

Effectivity Of Foggers In Eliminating Pests

Did you know that bug bombs are not as effective in killing bugs and other pests? These are only effective in killing the bugs that are not in hiding. So, targeting the pests is almost impossible since most of the time, insects do not stay or hang out in the open. Bugs or pests usually stay in cracks and voids. These places are hard to reach and impenetrable by the mists emitted by the fogger.

Especially if your home is full of clutter, it’s impossible to reach some corners and cracks. An example of a bug that foggers cannot reach: bed bugs. These are one of the most notorious hiders you will experience at home. They hide in the deepest corners where no human can suspect and reach. Plus, if these pests suspect that there is too much human activity, they go deeper. They aim for a more secure hiding spot and wait the extermination out. If you’re trying to eliminate bed bugs using foggers, try a different method as you might only be wasting your money.

In a study conducted, researchers have proven that some pests have developed resistance to foggers. This tolerance is scientifically referred to as “pesticide resistance”. This is due to the casual and irresponsible use of pesticides over the years. Roaches and bed bugs, among many others, are reported to have pesticide resistance. Especially in small, frequent doses, there will come a time that they won’t be susceptible to these methods anymore. This will only increase the health risks of pesticides to human beings such as the following:

Health Risks Of Using Foggers

As stated in the beginning, foggers emit a mist into the air. Such contents when inhaled tend to be a hazard. Some of those at risk to this are children and people with asthma including people with other respiratory problems and pets are at risk as well. Breathing the fog can result in difficulty in breathing, dry throat, dizziness, headaches, dry skin, and dry eyes. Doctors report that the ingestion of insecticides can cause gastrointestinal illnesses such as food poisoning, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Did you know that infants can developmental delays, deficiencies, and deformities when exposed to insecticides? When pregnant should be watchful as well as it could affect the babies inside their womb. This helps prevent countless illnesses brought by insecticides.

If you set your mind to using foggers, here are some tips to bear in mind before, during, and after using the product:

Tips In Buying A Fogger

Purchasing a fogger sounds appealing and convenient. However, without choosing wisely, it could lead to a variety of consequences. So, here are tips to choosing a fogger:

The number one tip of all is to KNOW THE RISKS and WHO ARE AT RISK when purchasing a buyer. If you know your home is full of pets and children, you better rethink your choices. Better yet, call bed bug, roach, or flea extermination services near Columbia SC. With the help of professionals, they can administer the foggers more effectively and safely. This is what doctors recommend as well. If you’re not equipped with the skills to operate foggers, let the professionals do their job.

Furthermore, always check the label of the product you are purchasing. See whether the pests you are trying to kill are on the label. Plus, the product must be certified by authorities. Do not settle for foggers just because it’s cheap. More expensive products are due to the testing procedures and measurements conducted by the manufacturers to see the pesticide is indeed effective and reliable as it is used.

Use one fogger per room. Before you purchase one, measure the area of the room you intend to apply it. Use these measurements to buy the recommended size of the fogger. This will limit your use of insecticides. Plus, this helps prevent the exceeded amount secrete and inside your home which could lead to various hazards.

Another important tip to control the dangers of using pesticides is informing your neighbors and household members did you are going to administer a bug bomb extermination at home. This will signal them to protect their belongings and secure themselves.  Especially if you’re in a boarding house or an apartment, you have to warn your landlord before you administer treatment. This will keep people and belongings safe from pesticide contamination. 

How To Prepare You Home Before Fogging It

Do not use foggers in small and enclosed spaces – areas fogged need to air out. Position the fogger in the middle of the room and place a sheet of newspaper underneath it to avoid staining your floors. Keep bug bombs away from open flames and unplug electrical appliances. Some bug bombs contain flammable ingredients. So, you have to turn off your fuse and gas ranges before implementing the treatment. As much as possible, remove items from the area you want to fog – food, plants, children’s and pet’s things. This will prevent these accessories to be contaminated by the bug bomb.

Another tip to prepare your home is to cover areas you do not need to fog with layers of paper towels and newspapers. This includes your bedding, clothing, utensils, and many more. If you intend to four compartments, take them to another place where the fumes cannot reach.

Lastly, prepare to leave your home or the area you are fogging for the duration of the treatment. This could last 2 to 8 hours depending on the size of your home, and the instruction from the manufacturers. Take the kids out for a walk, or have them stay in a friend’s or family’s house for the day.  

How To Activate The Fogger

The first thing to do before activating the fogger is to read and follow the directions and precautions listed. Not doing so can increase the risks of pesticide-related illnesses.  Keep in mind that MORE IS NOT BETTER in using pesticides.  Make sure that you only use the number and amount of bug bombs specified.

Before activating the bomb, shake the fogger can well. Tilt the top of the can away from you and press down on the trigger until it locks into place. If you’re planning to fog more than one room and ask assistance from your family members so you can activate the bombs simultaneously and evacuate the house as fast as you can.  As much as possible, have one person guard your home against other people who might enter as they could contract illnesses when they come in. Plus, if you let outside air get inside your home, this might affect the treatment process. 

How To Clean The Home After Fogging

After fogging, return to your home and open the doors and windows to air out the fog. You can also turn on fans and air conditioners to help air out the fumes and the residues in the environment.  Immediately dispose of the coverings you have set up to prevent fumes from settling on your accessories. Then, you can proceed to disinfect and wiping the surfaces exposed to the fog.

Don’t forget to clean the items exposed to the fogging before using them. Remember, these were in exposure to chemicals that kill bugs and pests. Chemical residue from fogging can impact health. Thus, appropriate safety measures need to do.  Before you let your children and your pets in, make sure that all residue is eliminated. So, they will not contract any diseases related to it. 

Asking For Help From Professionals

Applying foggers inside your home is not as easy as it looks.  Experts reiterate that it’s better to ask help from professionals in your area such as Columbia, SC Exterminators.  Instead of doing all the heavy work on your own, you can ask help so they can safely administer the treatment for you.  If you’re worried about the price, don’t worry, there are pest control companies that offer services at an affordable price such as Go-Forth Pest Control.

But before they apply the treatment, they have to assess who is at risk and if there are other ways they can eliminate pests. If it is possible to use baits and traps, they will not settle for insecticides because they know how harmful these are to human health. Contact the professionals now. Talk to them how you can work hand in hand to eliminate bugs and insects without risking the lives of your family and every living being near you. 

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