Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Fleas? (Triad Exterminators)

February 26, 2020

Have you seen your pets acting strange lately as they keep on scratching that is not normal? Well, they may have fleas and you need to worry. Fleas are one of the most annoying pests your cats and dogs will have. They may be tiny but the problems they leave can make a huge impact not only to your pets but to your family and property as well.

Fleas are pesky pests you’ll usually get from your pets. Yes, your furry friends bring the pest in because your cats and dogs are hosts for fleas. Walking your pets in public places like parks is good for your furry friends but at the same time, can be dangerous because your pets may visit areas that are flea-infested which means they can be targets of fleas.

When fleas cling into your pets, it becomes a problem because the pest will be able to reach your home and infest more. Though fleas feed on animals like dogs, they can still be your problem because they can infest your furniture, belongings or your entire home.

Since fleas are becoming bad enemies, you should quickly get rid of them before they cause more troubles. Triad pest control services can help you eliminate fleas as they perform effective pest control. Pest management is a big help because it can indeed remove your pest problems using appropriate treatments and methods.

If you have fleas at home, let’s get to know more about the pest, how you can eliminate them, and what pest control can do to them.

Flea Facts

Life Cycle

Fleas may have the same life cycles from other pests. They usually undergo four stages which are the egg, larval stage, pupa stage, and reaching the adult stage. Female fleas will give birth to eggs on your pets and will eventually be found on your carpets, upholstery, and more because flea eggs roll down as they can’t cling onto their hosts. Once eggs enter the larvae stage, flea larvae will search for food sources that will help larvae to develop and for them to reach the next stage.

When they were able to reach the pupal stage, that’s the time that they are near in becoming adult fleas. New fleas will begin to search for hosts where they can feed for blood. The life cycle of fleas runs for twenty-one days but it can change depending on their environment. When the place has high moisture and is very warm, the life cycle shortens as it is what fleas need. If you want to stop fleas from reaching adulthood, better get rid of them and Go-Forth Pest Control are the best people to call.


Fleas never disappoint when it comes to reproduction because they are good at laying eggs. Yes, in a day, 50 eggs are laid so if they keep on reproducing in their entire lifetimes, over 20,000 eggs are laid! Within two months, a flea infestation can occur and you’ll find it difficult to stop it when it is severe already. If female fleas are present, then your flea problem can worsen within a short span of time because they’ll keep on laying eggs. It is not good to remove only the female fleas because even the male ones can also cause a problem. If you want to stop eggs from coming, hire a Triad area exterminator to eliminate all fleas found in your home and even eggs, larvae, and pupae are removed.

Jumping Ability

You’ll be surprised that fleas have great jumping skills. They don’t feel exhausted at all unlike humans who easily get tired from all the jumping. Their jumping skills are no joke because they are recognized as one of the greatest jumpers worldwide since they can jump for 30,000 times continuously. No one can do this better than them! Their jumping skills help them to find new hosts as they can easily cling into the furs of your dogs and your pets will never notice it. Because of this ability, it becomes hard for fleas to be eliminated as they can escape well so if you can’t get rid of them, don’t worry because an exterminator is better in exterminating your enemy.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas

Acquiring a flea control service from professionals can be costly but it is a good investment in the end. If you want to keep your home flea-free at all times even without the supervision of a pest exterminator, there are ways on how you can get rid of fleas. But, if the flea problem is already worsening, Go-Forth Pest Control is the one you should call.

Let’s find out what flea control you can do for your home.

Use Soapy Water

If you want an economical way of eliminating a few fleas at home, soapy water is the one. The liquid dish soap you have at home is already a remedy when fleas are around. You have to mix it with water so that it will work. Place the soapy water in a bowl and put in in areas where fleas are most active. When fleas found your soapy water, they’ll never find a way out because they’ll be stuck like glue. You can repeat the process but make sure to replace the soapy water. If you want this to work, better do it at night since fleas are active as they are nocturnal. Make sure to put the soapy water near a light as it can effectively attract the pest. But, if fleas are getting out of control, Triad area  exterminators should do the work.

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

There are products that can also help in eliminating fleas in your home and some of it is effective like the diatomaceous earth (DE). DE is known to everyone, even to Triad exterminators, because of its effectiveness in dealing with all sorts of pests. Diatomaceous earth is made from fossilized algae and it is a powder which you can sprinkle around your home when fleas are infesting. The powder is friendly to humans but be careful because when you inhale it, the powder can affect your respiratory system.

Diatomaceous earth used on fleas is great because it can kill the pest in no time as the powder will remove all fluids in the body until it dies of dehydration. You can apply the powder every 3 days but make sure to buy the food-grade one and vacuum the area before applying new DE to remove dead fleas, eggs, larvae, and more. 

Put Flea-Deterring Plants

If you want to use plants as a way of getting rid of fleas, you may do so because there are plants that can indeed repel your enemy. Experts advise that you put chrysanthemums, spearmint, pennyroyal, and lavender plants in your place as these are known to be good flea deterrents. If you want to drive fleas away in a friendly manner, then plants are what you need.

Pest Control: Can It Get Rid Of Fleas?

If you doubt pest control in eliminating flea, better stop it because pest control can definitely get rid of fleas in your property!

Pest control will always be the best answer to pest problems because it is a complete package. The work of an exterminators doesn’t end in inspecting your home when you call for their help but these professionals do a lot of things for your property to be free from pests like fleas.

Pest control uses the right treatments that are effective in dealing with fleas. Triad area exterminators will first use organic methods of eliminating the problem to ensure that you, your family, and pets are safe. But, if the natural methods don’t work, that’s the time they’ll resort to chemical treatments such as using pesticides. Before they use chemicals, they make sure to advise you to vacate the area first so that you’ll not be in danger.

When fleas and other pests are around, the only answer to it is a pest control and if you need a professional pest control company to help you with your flea issues, Go-Forth Pest Control is the answer.

Why Go-Forth Pest Control?

There can be a lot of pest control companies you can find in North Carolina, but the best will always be Go-Forth Pest Control. The company has been in the industry for more than 50 years and until now, they are exceeding all customer’s expectations and satisfaction!

Go-Forth Pest Control is composed of the best teams that’s why they are always on top. They have expert, professional, certified, and highly skilled pest technicians who are well-knowledgeable in pest control. From checking for pests down to extermination, the company always gives the best results that you’ll never find from others.

Whether your pest problem is simple or severe, Go-Forth Pest Control can resolve it instantly as they have the best equipment, treatment, and extermination methods that are guaranteed to remove any vermin damaging and infesting your place.

When you need their help, they are only a call away. Contact them at 1-800-841-6113 and you’ll be one happy customer!  

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