Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Roaches? (Triangle Exterminators)

February 10, 2020

Roaches are reported to have developed resistance to some of the most effective pesticides used to kill them. Now people for the Triangle are at a quandary as to how to get rid of cockroaches.

It has been said that one clear sign that homeowners in the triangle area have roaches is their shrieks at night. There is a very big reason why we should protect ourselves from roaches: roaches are extremely dirty insects. They thrive on filth; they live in garbage, sewers, and in moist and dark places. They are not choosy eaters and they eat anything from rotten food, feces, dead animals and insects, trash, and even their own kind. Due to their filthy eating habits, they carry several kinds of bacteria and viruses, thus making them disease carriers.

Obviously, people are wondering how they can eliminate these creatures from hell. Lately, it seems very hard to do so and in fact, they seem to get stronger. Good thing is that Go-Forth Pest Control, the leading pest control experts in North and South Carolina, is here to tell you how. First, let us learn more about what we are all up against.

Description Of Cockroaches

Let us first get this out of the way, not all cockroaches are pests. There are more than 4,000 identified species of roaches, and they are found across all continents save for Antarctica. Some species are beneficial insects, as they are helpful to the ecosystem. A lot of them live in the forests, while those that are living near human dwellings become the pests that we know they are.

Roaches are great survivors. We have talked about them developing resistance to pesticides, but that is not all. Cockroaches can survive a month without food, and a week without water. They can even live with its head cut off for a week. They breathe through the tiny holes that are found all over their bodies, dying only because they cannot drink water without its head. No wonder, they have outlived the dinosaurs for millions of years now.

Cockroaches carry a lot of bacteria and viruses inside their bodies. These bacteria live inside special cells found in these cockroaches called mycetocytes. These bacteria and viruses are then passed down from generation to generation. As a form of payment for taking care of them, these bacteria provide cockroaches with the nutrients and amino acids they need. These bacteria are called Bacteroids.

Cockroaches vary in size, depending on their species. In the United States, there are 4 common types of cockroaches: the American, German, Oriental, and brown-banded cockroaches. All have different sizes, all with different habits, and all with different icky factors.

They are known to transmit diseases like typhoid fever, amoebiasis, cholera, shigellosis, allergies, and asthma. Transmission happens when they contaminate our food. This happens through their droppings, vomit, saliva, or urine. Simply crawling on our food and kitchen utensils is also enough to transmit diseases to humans.

Common Types Of Roaches In The United States

American Cockroach

The American cockroach is the largest of the most common cockroaches in the United States. They can reach up to 4 cm in length on average. You are most probably familiar with this type of roaches; they are oval in shape and reddish-brown in color. Their wings are well-developed, though they cannot use them well and are not very good flyers. This species came from the Middle East and has spread throughout the world by commerce, as people from different nations began trading with each other centuries ago. Thus its name is a misnomer. Adult female cockroaches can have as many as 150 offspring per year. In terms of population, they are next only to the German cockroach. They like dark, wet places like sewers and pipes in homes; they thrive in steam heat tunnels and institutional buildings as well.

Outdoors, they can be found in moist, shady areas, under woodpiles, trees, and worst of all, in garbage bins. They tend to go indoors whenever they find what they are looking for: food and water.

German Cockroach

The German cockroaches are small, with their length about 1.1 to 1.5 inches long, but are considered the most troublesome. This is the type of cockroaches that you would usually find in restaurants, hotels, warehouses, and apartment houses. They love crawling inside soda dispensers and feeding on the sweet residue coming from the sugary sweet liquid. They prefer sweet, fatty, and starchy foods. They are usually brought inside establishments through boxes, packages, and bags. They are nocturnal, so if you see them during the day, it only means there is a severe infestation. They are real health hazards in restaurants.  

Brown-Banded Cockroach

They have brown bands that are found across their bodies, hence their name. The brown-banded cockroaches are similar to the German cockroach but are slightly smaller.  They are 1/2 inch long and come in brown to light brown in color. They dwell in warm dry places, and they hide their eggs under furniture, clothes, cracks on the floor, or wood. The adult life span is about 200 days. These roaches have wings but are not really good at flying. Male cockroaches can fly, especially when they feel threatened, but the females cannot. They eat organic matter and are very good scavengers. As part of their diet, they eat rotten meat, excrement, and body fluids.   

Oriental Cockroaches

The Oriental cockroach is reputed to be the filthiest of all cockroaches. They are somewhere in between the American cockroach and the German cockroach. The male adults can grow to an inch, but the females are larger at 1 ¼ inch. Their bodies are dark brown to black in color. Both males and females have wings but cannot fly. They are also not as fast as the other cockroaches. They cannot climb walls with smooth surfaces. They dwell in dark, moist, dirty, cooler places and create a strong smell; eating garbage and organic material. They like to stay outdoors, but they can go indoors too, especially when looking for food, water, and shelter.

How Did Roaches Get In Your House?

If you have just moved into your house, it is possible that they were already there before you did. Or they could have been transported along with your belongings. Some roaches can be brought in from the grocery store. Worse is if you get a German or brown-banded cockroach that is carrying its eggs. They may also come from your neighbor and enter your house from cracks as crevices around your house.  

Pest Control For Roaches

While it is true that roaches have developed resistance to some pesticides, there are still several tricks we can do to get rid of these loathsome pests.  Here are some of them:

1. Seal cracks, crevices, and holes around your house by caulking. These can be used as entry points by roaches. Cockroaches have very narrow bodies, so they can easily slip into those cracks.

2. Practice good housekeeping. Vacuum carpets, floors, couches, and other furniture. Sweep away food residue on the floor and mop drink spills.

3. Do not leave unwashed dishes on the kitchen sink overnight. As we now know, roaches are nocturnal creatures, and roaches will certainly find these unwashed dishes tasty.

4. Place your food in sealed plastic containers to protect them from cockroaches.

5. Put a lid on your trash cans. Throw away your garbage regularly and properly.

6. You may use diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle some of it in places you think are frequented by roaches. Diatomaceous earth is made of fossilized remains of diatoms. Once cockroaches crawl on it, it would cause tiny cuts on their bodies, dehydrating them to death. You may purchase diatomaceous earth from the nearest gardening store near you.

All these tips and tricks will work just fine, but if you still find yourself facing several roaches every night, then it is time to call the professionals. For the best control company in the Triangle, you can call Go-Forth Pest Control.  

Why Go-Forth Pest Control?

Go-Forth Pest Control is a family-owned commercial service solutions provider of modern pest control services and techniques, using the latest and most advanced technology in the business, making our service to you more efficient, safer and more convenient. We have a team of expert professionals who can provide the best pest control services to residents and business establishments all throughout North and South Carolina.

We bring in a new and fresh approach to the pest control industry, using family-friendly and pet-friendly methods of extermination that caters to your specific needs. Our expert experience in exterminating pests like cockroaches, wasps, weevils, mosquitoes, mice, flies, termites, ants, and spiders can really make you say goodbye to these pests in your home. You may check us on Facebook or Google us to see what our satisfied customers have to say about us. For questions, call us now! Our friendly operators are standing by.  

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