Can Pest Control Spray Outside In Rain? (Triangle Exterminators)

April 10, 2020

Most homeowners want to maintain a healthy garden. But what happens when pests start to invade this outdoor area?

Pests can cause damage to the garden especially when they start to suck on the plants and flowers. They are considered the enemies of most gardeners as plants are getting destroyed because of them.

Even when you’ve maintained a beautiful garden, some pests can still invade your place. If you don’t do anything to get rid of them, they can cause extensive damage in no time. The more pests you have in your garden, the greater the destruction they bring. Once it happens, it will be difficult for you to control and eliminate them.

Here are the ten most common pests in the garden that you need to get rid of:


Aphids, also known as plant lice, are small and pear-shaped insects that usually suck on plants’ sap, causing a lot of harm to the plant. They are also seen feeding new plant growth in clusters. Whenever they feed on plants, the honeydew that they excrete attracts ants. It allows black, sooty mold to grow on the plants.


Although certain beetle species are beneficial to the gardens, still there are exceptions. Most varieties are detrimental to the growth of crops and garden soils. Species such as the Blister and Japanese beetle feed in clusters on a number of crops, leaves, and flowers. They can create severe damage especially when they grow in numbers. 

Beetle Larvae

These creatures are most common during the summer. During this time, these plump pests feed on the grassroots. If they are not prevented, they could kill your plants instantly.

The symptoms of the infestation include but are not limited to the grasses and brown patches on our lawn. Another thing you need to watch out for is skunks and moles. If you see them burrowing on the soil, they might be attracted to the grubs present. 

Flea Bugs

Flea bugs are tiny, dark-colored beetles that leap like fleas when disturbed. The adult flea bugs chew several small, circular holes on leaves. Meanwhile, the larvae typically feed on the roots of the plant. Once flea bugs infest your garden, expect big damage to your plants.

Snails & Slugs

Snails and slugs are known to be one of the most irritating garden pests anyone might ever experience. Such animals are active during the night. They are fond of eating the leaves plants’ leaves. Thus, the damage they bring on the plants can be unpleasant, and it might also kill the plant.


Grasshoppers are considered greedy eaters because they eat about half of their body weight every day. Adults and nymphs inflict harm on plants by chewing the leaves and stems. They can be unpredictable and may cause a serious infestation. Species like the locusts gather in large numbers and migrate to find food which may bring severe damage to an entire plant field.


A lot of gardeners have a love-hate relationship with the caterpillars. These little critters are turned into striking butterflies. But caterpillars still feed on the plants’ leaves. In fact, some species can strip a plant of its leaves in a couple of days causing death to the plants.


Thrips are tiny, slender insects that have brown, black, or yellow wings. They also have fringed wings. Thrips can cause serious damage to fruit trees and ornamental plants. They suck on the plants, resulting in the mottling and silvering of the leaves’ surface. They leave some black, shiny streaks of excrement.


According to botanists, this pest is the most-terrifying garden pest for farmers and garden enthusiasts. It does not choose the plants it eats. It targets everything on its path. That’s why it is called the armyworm.

Armyworms grow up to two inches. You can see them in various colors such as gray, yellow, and pink. When these pests mature, they turn into moths who will infest during the night. This time, they will target your belongings indoors. They are usually attracted to clothing and other starchy materials such as cardboard and glue.

Armyworms are famous for their tendency to skeletonize plants and grass shoots. They leave no quarter for the plants that they get a hold of. With extreme numbers, it’s almost impossible for us to stop them. This is why experts recommend hiring a professional exterminator to eliminate these pests as soon as possible. If you let them stay for one more night, you don’t know if there’s a garden to tend to in the morning. 


These creatures are famous for their ability to shear stems and leaves off completely. In great numbers, you will see dead spots in your garden. Like the pesky armyworm, the cutworms usually target crops and grasses at night time. This is the reason why it’s impossible to track their destructive tendencies. They work in the shadows and leave skeletons in the backyard. In the morning, they hide underneath the soil because they are sensitive to the sun’s rays.

These are just some of the garden pests you need to watch out for. Now, all you need to do is find an exterminator that can do the job for you in killing these pests. There are DIY sprays than can kill pests naturally and you can safely use to eliminate these on your own. But no matter how much we spend time and effort, it does not fully cut the infestation. Especially if we don’t get to the source, the pests will only come back stronger than ever. 

Will Pest Control Work During The Rainy Season?

One of the most common ways exterminators prevent and eliminate garden pests is by using low-impact pesticides. I know what most of you might be wondering, “What if it rains? Would it still work, or will the rain wash the pesticides off completely?”

During rainy days, it’s understandable for most people to believe that rain can wash away the pest control spray. They think that pest control sprays may not be as effective in the rainy weather compared with a sunny one.  Don’t worry, if you choose reliable Triangle area exterminators, they can apply premium-quality insecticides that are safe and effective even if it rains.  However, you need to keep in mind that there are specific types of pest control repellents applied during rainy seasons. If you’re using natural repellent sprays, then those may not be effective. But if you use chemical sprays, they contain agents that can be activated with water including rainwater.

Pest control chemicals specialized for rainy days are unique because they are specifically designed to contain residues that do not wash off easily. It stays on the ground for a long time to destroy bugs, worms, and other pests. Most insecticides are manufactured with bonding agents that allow them to latch on to the place where they are sprayed. Pest repellents are made for barriers. They don’t easily break down when they get in contact with water molecules. The rain can even help the solution reach deeper to target the pests that have burrowed themselves deeply. 

The Non-Washable Pest Control

One of the common examples of non-washable pest control chemicals is Water Soluble Granules (WSG). Once diluted in water, they are used as a solution of the active ingredient. In most cases, they have a sandy appearance and most of them are used in rainy weather. It is activated by the rain. Once mixed with the soil, it becomes more effective. There are several forms of WSG, so make sure you read the label and know what pests you can use the product.

Rainy days can bring a detrimental impact on pest reproduction and establishment. Pests are less likely to satisfy their hunger. So, they will resort to other ways to feed. This could make our house vulnerable to more pest infestations. This is the reason why we need pest control professionals to eliminate them for good. 

Get Help From Go-Forth Pest Control

If you’re looking for the best and most reliable pest control near you, contact Go-Forth Pest Control. This company offers safe and environmentally-friendly methods of pest elimination. With their help, they can easily get rid of garden pests even during the rainy season and deter other species from entering your home. What a great way to save more time and effort.

The best part of hiring this pest control company is the affordability of pest extermination services. They understand how people have other financial obligations. However, this should not get in the way of having a pest-free house. This is the reason they provide every important strategy without extra payments at all! What a great way to treat customers.

In addition, Go-Forth Pest Control is famous for its fast services. When you call them, they make it a habit to immediately serve you. With the fast-paced service they bring, you don’t have to worry about the extensive damage that pests can bring to your garden and your house. Contact this local Cary, NC pest control services with great reviews now for the pest-free environment you deserve. Don’t worry, they offer their services to other places apart from Cary such as the Triad area, Hickory, and Lenoir.         

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