Carpet Beetle Control Methods In Winston-Salem, NC

August 6, 2018

Carpet beetles are notorious for invading your home or business, spreading throughout it, and damaging your possessions. While you may not be able to treat these critters yourself, Go-Forth Pest Control in Winston-Salem can!

Carpet Beetle Control Methods Made Simple

We serve the area of Winston-Salem and beyond, and believe that your needs should be put first in keeping your property pest-free. If you believe that you may be experiencing a carpet beetle infestation, we strongly recommend a professional's opinion before it is too late. Until then, here are some ways that you can detect, reduce, or keep control of a potential carpet beetle problem.

Protect Your Precious Carpets From These Pests

There are multiple, peculiar types of beetles within nature, but one specific type that you should be aware of is the carpet beetle. These pests are responsible for the destruction of not only your carpet, but your upholstery, woolens, and other fabric. Carpet beetles eat anything that is organic, including your furniture and clothes. In order to eradicate carpet beetles completely, you need the help of your local pest control company.

They are almost impossible to successfully eliminate with home remedies, because their larvae is kept hidden beneath your furniture, bottom of your cupboard, under your floorboard, or in other various spaces. In fact, the larvae stage is even more vigorous in destroying your belongings. A carpet beetle's larvae can devour your possessions much faster than you think may be possible.  

Poor Housekeeping

As they feed on dust and lint, it is very crucial to keep your home or business very clean. Occasional, moderate cleaning is not enough if you want to prevent an infestation or the increasing growth of one. You need to keep your flooring clean of dust and dirt, which will starve these pests. It is also necessary to keep your bedding and furniture very clean to prevent an infestation, because these are places that commonly accumulate dust.

Electronics in your area are also components that accumulate a large amount of dust and usually are not cleaned frequently, creating breeding grounds for the carpet beetles and their larvae. One main problem with this type of pest problem is that both of these stages occur at the same time and demolish your valuables, though the larvae are the main destroyers. It is highly recommended that you contact pest control services for carpet beetles to be eliminated completely, and from there begin following a strict housekeeping effort.  

Hard To Detect

These pests are hard to detect because they are often residing in discreet areas where you may not look for them. Due to the fact that they are so hidden and unnoticeable, many do not realize their infestation immediately. These pests feed in areas which are not often accessed, eating the carpet from below where we cannot initially see them and feeding on the parts of furniture which are hardly ever moved. One typically begins to notice them only when the carpets or furniture are damaged to a fairly large extent. This is another reason why professional services are necessary for full elimination of carpet beetles.   

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