Third Case Of Mosquito-Related Chikungunya Virus Confirmed In NC

July 3, 2014

Chikungunya, transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes, has been limited in the United States to those who have visited the Caribbean and then returned with the virus. The disease cannot be transmitted from person to person.

With symptoms usually beginning three to seven days after the host has been bitten by an infected mosquito, The disease is characterized by fever, immobilizing joint pain, headaches and muscle pain. Generally, the pain lasts a week or two, but in a few cases, infected persons have been in pain for months at a time before the virus runs its course. 

Chikungunya Disease in Buncombe County, NC

Buncombe County Health and Human Services has reported North Carolina’s third confirmed case of Chikungunya, a virus transmitted by mosquitoes, in a Buncombe County resident who contracted the disease while traveling with a group to Haiti.

There is no known treatment for Chikungunya; however, people exhibiting these symptoms of fever and extreme joint pain should still visit a doctor to be tested for the disease. Once Chikungunya is confirmed, those infected are encouraged to stay at home for at least five days after the symptoms develop.    

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Though Chikungunya was contracted while overseas in this particular case, it is important to remember that mosquito-related diseases — such as West Nile virus, malaria, encephalitis and dengue fever — can travel long distances when infected birds migrate and come in contact with other mosquitoes. The two previously confirmed North Carolina cases of Chikungunya were reported in Forsyth and Alamance County — counties in the NC Triad serviced by Go-Forth Pest Control!

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