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October 23, 2018

The holiday season is upon us! Houses, offices, and parks are beginning to be prepped for Christmas gatherings and New Years events, and sense of warmth is starting to fill the air. Christmas trees will soon be brought out of storage, and lanterns and twinkly lights will be on full display again on houses and trees. As most people would say, it really is the busiest time of the year. It’s a time for gathering with loved ones, a time for giving, reunions, traveling, breaks, and parties!

Professional Light Installation Methods

One of the tell-tale signs of the Christmas season is how the streets and houses glow and seem to radiate an essence of joy and cheer. Anyone can agree that our surroundings seem to differ significantly from other times of the year when we reach the Christmas season. Suddenly, everything seems lively, colorful and exciting, and it seems to happen so effortlessly! Until we realize that it’s actually because of the effort that people put in to decorating their homes, along with dedicating the time to come up with these designs and implement them.

Some even go out of their way to purchase materials and decorations yearly! What especially gives a more lively sense during this time of year are the lights. Say, a house can light up to be a beautiful blue, or red, or red and green, or yellow, or even multi-colored! The options are endless in the world of Christmas decor. With this being said, what we have for you are some tips to help create a safer environment for you this Christmas season.

Ensure That Your Tree Is Safe

As much as you’d like to hold onto that tree or those Christmas lights that you've had for years and years, we advise that you fully inspect, evaluate, and get rid of the items that might compromise your household's safety. Electrical wires from Christmas lights can be extremely dangerous when in contact with a dry tree. In fact, this is a common cause of Christmas tree fires during the season, so be sure to keep this in check in order to avoid accidents and for your household to remain safe during this exciting time of year.

Get Rid Of Water Leaks

Since Christmas Lights require electricity, it is safe to assume that you’re going to have to take precautions to protect your electrical wires and sources. It is necessary to make sure that you use all of the appropriate outdoor materials. You also should check in your roof lids and sockets for any unwanted water leaks or possible water run or debris, so you can lessen the risk of electrical shocks and shortages. Also, if you choose to have a real Christmas tree, be sure to safely water it when necessary, as you will more than likely have electrical lights on the tree. 

Get Help From A Professional Light Installation Expert

Go-Forth Pest Control does not necessarily offer pest control solutions alone, although the name implies otherwise. Go-Forth can provide you with a safe feeling environment that will be taken care of through measures of safety training, light installation knowledge, and even help with designing your Christmas light plan! Our equipment, materials, and worker's comp coverage allows us to perform jobs like Christmas light and decoration installation.

This comes with the knowledge of how to install the lights in the safest way possible, and in the way that you wish to have them. We know how to create a safe environment for our customers, as well as how to make their Christmas landscape dreams come true. The last thing we want is your inconvenience, so let us to the job for you. Call us today!

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