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January 18, 2019

There is a reason why cockroaches have been around for hundreds of millions of years. You just can not totally eliminate their species as they have adapted to any condition Mother Nature had thrown at them. So it seems unreasonable to expect that these ugly insects can be terminated soon. Somehow, they have this uncanny ability to survive any situation; be it as a headless insect, poison, and even global warming.

Cockroaches love to live in our homes because there are lots of food crumbs, leftovers, and even fresh food. There are many cracks in our houses in which they can live. Living conditions in our houses are ideal for the cockroaches too.

They are nocturnal, meaning you do not see them during the day. It is when you sleep when they forage for food. There are 55 different species of cockroaches. The four most common are American, German, Brown Banded, and Oriental.

American Cockroach

It’s actually a misnomer. This native to Africa and the Middle East. This is the most common species found inside houses and also the largest among all common cockroaches. They are oval in shape and are two inches long. Adult female cockroaches can hatch as many as 150 offsprings per year. They live in dark, wet places like sewers and pipes in homes and commercial buildings.

German Cockroach

The German cockroach is a small species, about 1.1 to 1.5 inches long. These are the types usually found in restaurants and hotels as they prefer sweet, fatty, and starchy foods. This species is said to be the most troublesome, so immediate help is needed once you spot one of these in your home.

Brown-Banded Cockroach

Measuring about 10 to 14 mm long, they usually dwell in warm dry places. They usually hide their eggs under your furniture.

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroaches are larger and darker compared to other cockroach species. They dwell in dirty, cooler places and create a strong smell. They eat garbage and organic material.  


They usually can be found in cracks on the wall, under the furniture, kitchen cupboards, below sinks, in drains and grease traps, and anywhere that is hidden.


Thoroughly clean your house regularly. Immediately clean up food spills as these will attract the cockroaches later on. Garbage should be regularly disposed of. Store food in sealed containers. If there are cracks and holes in your homes, seal them off immediately.  

In Hickory, you would not have much of a problem getting rid of these unwelcome pests. Go-Forth Pest Control Company is just around the corner waiting to serve you.

Go-Forth Pest Control is a family-owned, locally-operated extermination company that understands pest control since it has been around for 59 years now. They have highly skilled yet friendly professionals ready to serve you. They have excellent experience not only in cockroach extermination, but also with many other pest problems like ants, rodents, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and many others. The company has a special team of technicians who can evaluate your homes or offices on what type of service is just right for you.  

So just pick up that phone now and let their team of professionals at Go-Forth Pest Control take care of your cockroach problems.  

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