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December 19, 2017

Mosquito control involves identifying a type of mosquito and studying their behavior and feeding habits. Mosquitoes differ in their features and habits. Scientists have revealed more difference between the species of mosquitoes, from research, that has helped in the control of these pests.

Identifying American Mosquito Species

Over time, research has shown that there are a lot of mosquitoes in the world. There are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes. In the US and Mexico, there are over 70 species of mosquitoes. Mosquito control companies apply the findings of research in developing strategic means of controlling the different species of mosquitoes. 

If you have a mosquito problem in the of Greensboro or Winston-Salem area, don't forget to call us so we can help you identify what kind of mosquito you have. our expert mosquito exterminators will be happy to help you.

The most common types of mosquitoes in America today are the house mosquito, Asian tiger mosquito, yellow fever mosquito, and southern mosquitoes. These species of mosquitoes are more encountered by mosquito exterminators than others.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

The scientific name of this mosquito is Aedes Albopictus. Asian tiger mosquitoes are daytime feeders, and the females can be very aggressive. This species of mosquito transmit many diseases which include Cache Valley virus, dengue, and equine elephantiasis.

Asian tiger mosquito eggs are laid in clean standing water and can hatch in a matter of days. This makes the spread of mosquitoes in an area very easy. These mosquitoes are also known to be weak flyers, and they do not travel long distances. Instead, they colonize areas around the breeding sites. In controlling this species of mosquitoes, mosquito exterminators focus on destroying their breeding and hiding places.

Yellow Fever Mosquito

Yellow fever mosquito was the most popular member of the Aedes genus until the disease-causing potential of other species was identified. Aedes aegypti is the scientific name of yellow fever mosquito.

Just like Asian tiger mosquito, yellow fever mosquito breeds in the clean standing water. They are also weak flyers and colonize the immediate environment of their breeding places. Yellow fever mosquito is most common in southern states of the US and urban cities. Mosquito exterminators execute control plans that include sealing of entry ports and destruction of breeding and hiding places in eradicating this species of mosquitoes.

House Mosquito

Culex mosquitoes which are called house mosquitoes include Culex pipiens and Culex restuans. These mosquitoes are widely spread across the US. These species of mosquito are known to breed in standing polluted water. They are similar in shape and habit and are night-time feeders. They are also vectors of different diseases. House mosquitoes are common in Northern, Eastern, and Central America.

Southern Mosquito

Southern mosquitoes are more common in southern states of the U.S. They are also commonly found in Florida. Culex fatigans are the major carriers of West Nile Virus and St. Louis encephalitis virus. Southern mosquitoes are also night-time feeders.

Mosquito control company create control plans specific to the environment of the property, the type of mosquito and area where the property is located. Mosquito exterminators also advise clients on measures to prevent further infestation which include avoiding practices that create breeding places for mosquitoes.

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