Do You Have To Turn Off Pilot Lights When Fogging? (Cary Exterminators)

May 23, 2020

According to Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, one of the necessities of human beings is safety and security. This is not limited to criminals but also pests. These are the silent burglars in the night. They infest foods, damaging its packaging and contaminating what's inside. This is not the only nuisance they bring. They also cause illnesses to humans, pets, and plants. Plus, they cause various forms of house damage.

It is for this reason that people apply several methods of pest extermination. If not, they call professional bug exterminators to do the job. But what is so urgent to eliminate these creatures? Why do we need to use insecticide such as foggers? To understand more, let's discuss the most common pests that infest homes and their habitats.  


People remain skeptical about calling ants pests. While they are beneficial to the environment because they help maintain a healthy ecosystem, they pose a great nuisance at home. They can destroy food packaging and they contaminate food and utensils.

To some of us who love to maintain a clean and healthy home environment, ants make it difficult to achieve this, especially in severe infestations. Without intervention, they can disturb our daily host duties.

There are different DIY methods to help eliminate ants. However, their population is more difficult to eliminate. Considering they can fit through the smallest crevice and cracks, simple methods of pest control cannot eliminate them for good. This is why people settle using foggers or bug bombs. 


This is another beneficial creature in the environment. However, they cause property damage when they get indoors. Apart from this, their incessant noises at night make it impossible to get a good night's sleep.  While it's easy to eradicate adult crickets, it's almost impossible to track their nest. This is why residents contact Cary exterminators in North Carolina. This helps to fully eliminate the source of the cricket infestation to finally get a good rest at night. 


This is one of the number one enemies of fur parents aside from ticks and mange. These are small, acrobatic, and blood-sucking creatures that cause allergies and skin illnesses. Some report their pets have experienced anemia because of severe flea infestations. Although this happens rarely, it is not impossible, especially on smaller breeds. Without medical attention, your pet could develop complications that could lead to death. 


This pest is one of the most disturbing creatures you will ever encounter at home. They are attracted to rotting food. Flies use it to feed and lay their eggs.

Try placing banana peels on your sink. When a fly drops its eggs on the peeling, you'll see hundreds of baby flies the next day. That's how fast they reproduce. Not only do they target fruits and vegetables but also tissues and cardboards. If you don't eliminate these nesting grounds, you will have a full-on fly infestation by the end of the week. 


If you were to ask me what is the most disgusting pest, it would be the cockroach. These creatures crawl on the dirtiest places on earth including sewer lines and canals. They harbor various bacteria and parasites and spread this at home.  At a speed of 3 miles per hour, who knows how many pathogens it can spread.

The worst part is, roaches crawl over your food packaging and utensils. This causes several illnesses such as Amoebiasis, salmonellosis, E. coli infections, dysentery, including leprosy. Can you imagine how a tiny creature can cause lethal diseases?

While it's easy to squish these cockroaches as they come along, it's difficult to find their nests. This is why you need to upgrade your pest management strategies, so you can target the nest and kill all of them with one blow. One strategy to achieve this is using foggers so the fumes can target the smallest and farthest nook and cranny and eliminate every cockroach that it gets in contact with. 


Moths are beautiful nocturnal butterflies. Amazing as they may be, they cause damages to clothes, suitcases, books, and food cartons. Once they established a nest on the farthest and most unexpected corners, it's almost impossible to control them. This is why we need to contact professionals in our area such as Go-Forth Pest Control. This company offers premium-quality services at an affordable price. Establishments and residential homes in North Carolina have this company on speed dial. So whenever they experience any form of infestation, they have the protection they need with one quick call. 


People are torn when it comes to eliminating spiders. Some have them as pets. They believe that they are beneficial to the environment by feeding on harmful insects such as mosquitoes. Spiders never bite unless they are aggravated. These creatures are shy and timid. They just want their peace. However, there are instances when spiders pose a nuisance to homes especially if the residents have arachnophobia.

Arachnophobia is the severe and irrational fear of spiders. Some people experience panic attacks by just the thought of spiders. If anyone in the house has this disorder, they need to see a mental health professional help them alleviate the symptoms of phobia and redirect the fear into a positive emotion.  For the meantime, the best way to help our friends and family is to rid the house of spiders to avoid triggering their phobia. 


Ticks pose huge problems for responsible fur parents. Like fleas, these creatures are blood-sucking insects that reproduce quickly. They also cause skin allergies and skin diseases to animals, especially in great numbers. If they combine with fleas, it's almost impossible to eliminate them using simple methods of pest control. During this case, the pet owner needs to take the animal to the vet so the doctor can prescribe measures to eliminate and prevent infestations.

However, you shouldn't only treat your pet for tick and flea infestations. You also need to clean the environment. Ticks and fleas tend to latch off from the coat of animals so they can find a secure space to lay their eggs. Seeing how small these creatures are, it is not a surprise they will choose the smallest and most remote area for nesting.

Now that you know how severe problems are with the existence of pests, you might be tempted to use insect foggers to increase your chances of eliminating them all.  If so, here's a quick guide to using insect foggers. 

What To Do Before Fogging

Measure the square footage of your room. Foggers are stored in various canister sizes. Make sure you purchase the right size for a specific room. This helps increase the effectiveness in applying insecticide. Be careful not to overdo it or else this could put your family's life in danger. 

Prepare For The Application

There are different factors to consider before activating the fogger. Here are tips to prepare your home to avoid hazards:

1. Turn your pilot lights off. Pilot lights are responsible for providing the flame needed for the main burners to generate flames. As you turn on the furnace, the valve releases the gas into the stove burner, then the pilot light helps ignite the gas so you can start cooking. Some people believe that you don't have to turn the pilot lights off as long as you activate the fogger 6 feet away from the furnace. However, to avoid hazards and accidents, it's always best to turn it off.

2. Put food and utensils as far away from the target room as possible. If not, cover it with protective plastic. This prevents any residue from accumulating on food packaging, cookery, and utensils to avoid food poisoning. 

3. Keep your children away as far away from your home until the fogger's fumes have settled. It should take 2 to 8 hours depending on the brand and the size of your home. 

Activating The Fogger

Read the instructions from the manufacturer. Each brand has different directions for use. Make sure to understand and follow according to the type of fogger you purchased. If there are unclear concepts, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer and clear things up. This will help you apply the fogger effectively and safely. 

What To Do After Fogging

  • When you get back home, open your windows and doors to let the fresh air in.  Air out the residue and excess fumes. Use your electric fan to speed things up.  

  • Wipe your tables and compartments with water and detergent solution. Rinse these afterward using a clean piece of clothing. 

  • You also need to clean your couches and your chairs. Wash the cushions and the sheets thoroughly to eliminate eggs and larvae. 

  • Do not wipe your floors yet. Give it at least 7 to 14 days to make your home unattractive for pest reproduction and activities. 

Considering the damages and dangers brought by pests, you need to upgrade your methods for pest elimination. One way of doing so is using foggers and other forms of insecticides to increase your chances of eliminating them. If not, contact an experienced pest professional so they can do it for you. At a low price, I'm sure you'll achieve a pest-free environment with the effective and safe strategies they offer.     

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