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June 15, 2020

Have you ever imagined your home being infested by pests? As homeowners, this is one of the things we wish to never have in our homes, ever! Having any kind of pests in our houses or the surrounding areas is indeed one of the most terrifying things to happen, not just because of the fact that they can destroy your belongings and things you built with your hard-earned money, but also because it is a real headache to deal.

Pests are destructive insects or animals that attack many things like food, crops, and livestock. They have harmful effects on humans, their health, their food, and even their livelihood. Some of them are easy to eliminate while some are not, thus, it requires help from those who are experts in this field.

Pests live everywhere. You can find them anywhere in the world, regardless of the state's weather condition. Let us have Richmond, VA as one of our examples. Here, there are tons of pests that sting, bite, eat your food, cause rash, and ruin the things around us. They also cause serious health problems for the entire family when not treated or handled accordingly. 

Pests That Are Normally Found & Treated In Richmond, Virginia

  • Mosquitoes - These small flying insects that carry infectious diseases that could kill humans. Dengue is a disease transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. The number of dengue patients normally increases during the rainy season but they indeed attack all year round. When not treated immediately, it can cause death to the person bitten by the insect.

  • Bed bugs - Bed bugs usually target humans. They feed on the blood of humans but these insects normally stay in beds, clothes, and furniture. They even transfer from one place to another and usually go with travelers. Bed bug bites can affect you psychologically and their bites cause rashes and allergic symptoms.

  • Brown bats - Though bats are useful in reducing the number of flying insects, they are dangerous as they carry diseases that can be passed onto humans. There is a lot of this kind in Virginia.

  • Fleas - Fleas are dark-brown or red-brown colored insects that bite and feed on blood. They usually target furry animals like cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals.

  • Ants - The most common of this kind are black and red ants. You can usually found them in the kitchen. They scout for food and are most attracted to sweets like sugar.

There are also other pests the reside in Virginia. Further effort and attention are highly crucial to eliminate them. These are the following: 

  • Rats and mice - These are destructive creatures that live in your home, rice field, and sewage. They love chewing stuff, ruining whatever they can so it is very important to get rid of them immediately. Rats normally live in sewage and garbage piles. They are the bigger version of rodents. Mice usually live in human homes where they scout for food and shelter. 

  • Spiders - Spiders are eight-legged creatures. The black widow and brown recluse spiders have venom that is dangerous to humans if they are bitten. To feed, they create webs which they use to catch food like different kinds of insects. 

  • Raccoons - Racoons are medium-sized mammals. They are rabies-carriers and they can also pass serious diseases to humans and pets. These creatures normally stay outdoors.

  • Snakes - These creatures, as we all know, are very dangerous and are known for their venom. When bitten, you must not waste time and seek help as soon as you can as it can kill you in a very short period of time. 

  • Skunks - Skunks are known for their ability to spray liquid that consists of chemicals with a very strong and unpleasant smell. They use this as their defensive weapon. If they see that an enemy is near them, they would start spraying to stop the other party from getting close. 

There are some do-it-yourself tips we can try to eliminate these pests. However, without proper knowledge and training, it can lead to accidents and health risks so it’s better to contact someone who has the experience, or what they call professionals. While there are so many tips online on how to get rid of these pests, getting a professional or expert is a way better idea than to handle the situation yourself.

Getting a pest control service will not just help you eliminate these unwanted creatures. They will also save your time, money, and your possessions. 

What Should We Consider When Looking For A Pest Control Company?

There are many pest control companies that offer packages and services now. Each city and state has a number of pest control companies to choose from. The question is, how would you know if it’s the right one for you? To help you decide, here are some tips that might help and give you an idea. 

Do Your Research

If you are eyeing to contact a specific company to do the service for you, you may want to spend some time researching. It’s always best to check if the company can give you the best results. Check if they are competent and reliable enough to do the service for you. 

Choose A Company That Offers Good Customer Service

Customer service is our first point of contact in any type of business. If a company has good customer service, then most likely, they offer quality service too. If their staff is welcoming, polite, and professional, you are in good hands. Never choose a company with unprofessional and rude staff. 

Choose An Experienced Pest Control Company

When looking for a pest control service, you may want to check how long the company has been operating. A company that is already doing business for some years gives clients an assurance that it can deliver a reliable job. They would not last for years if they do not provide good service. 

Check The Company’s Reviews Or Testimonials

Nowadays, people rely on the reviews of a company. When a person wants to buy something or wants to try the service a company offers, he or she often checks on the review to see if it is worth getting the product. 

Choose A Company That Uses Safe Products

It is a given that these companies use strong chemicals and pesticides to kill those pests. However, it is still important to choose those that use safe products to make sure it will not cause harm and put risk to your health. Before you even set an appointment, talk to the technicians, and ask more details on different types of treatment options that are available. 

Check Price Range

While most people choose a company that offers a cheap rate, this should not be our top priority. Companies offer different rates and packages. However, this should never be our basis when choosing who would take care of the job. It will help to do some comparison just so you have an idea how much it usually costs to eliminate those pests but, it is always best to rely on the testimonials. Why? Let’s put it this way. Yes, you chose a company that offers a very low price for the service, however, after a while, you found out that the issue re-occurred so you end up contacting them and requesting to do the job again. Waste of time, money, and effort, right?

Ask For Referrals Or Recommendations

If you have friends who experienced the same problem before, might as well ask them what their experience was with the company who provided the service.

For the best pest control company in Richmond, VA, call Go-Forth Pest Control.

Go-Forth Pest Control is a family-owned commercial service solutions provider of modern pest control services and techniques. We have a team of expert professionals who can provide the best pest control services to residents and business establishments all throughout Virginia. We are well-known for being the best exterminator for mosquitoes and other pests.

At Go-Forth Pest Control, we have professional technicians who will examine your home and your lawn to evaluate your individual necessity. We will identify points of entry and make treatments as necessary.  We only use state of the art equipment to keep up with these ever-evolving pests.

It is our commitment to bring in a new and fresh approach to the pest control industry, using family and pet-friendly methods of extermination that caters to your specific needs. Our expert experience in exterminating pests can really make you say goodbye to these pests in your home. You may check us on Facebook or Google us to see what our satisfied customers have to say about us.

Go-Forth Pest Control has earned the trust of residents and businesses for more than 60 years.  For more information, or to set an appointment, just dial 336-841-6111. Our friendly operators are standing by and waiting to bring you the service you deserve. 

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