Extermination Prices for Bugs In Columbia, SC

March 26, 2018

Bugs are one of the most frustrating insects that invade your home in Columbia, SC. Although, they might be unnoticed at the initial stage, but once they are known, they spread very quickly. At this stage, the best possible option is to hire a professional fumigation service to completely eliminate this nuisances. This is because at this juncture, home remedies are largely ineffective. These insects are very difficult to spot, so a qualified personnel needs to be invited to spot the insect by inspecting the areas affected in the home. Because of the severity of bug infestations, the overall process for fumigation can be quite expensive. 

How To Deal With A Bug Infestation

In extreme cases, household furniture might be destroyed to lead to a successful elimination process. It’s the professional exterminator that would determine the severity of the bug attack. The exterminator looks for signs like molted shells, eggs, fecal material and other ones.  There are two ways this is done:  

    • Structural Fumigation: It’s used when the bugs are invested in the structure or foundation of the building. 
    • Canine Inspection: Dogs are used as aids to detect where the bugs are. These furry friends can detect up to 96% of bug infestation. 

After this has been done, the exterminator would determine the level of infestation and how extensive it is. It is the outcome of this that determines the best possible treatment. The cost for inspection depends on the situation. The fumigation process if done thoroughly lasts for up to six months. The trained personnel would also give proper preventive measures to prevent future bug invasion.  

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