Extermination Prices For Centipedes In Raleigh, NC

April 9, 2018

People tend to take centipedes for insects, centipedes are not insects. They are arthropods and they feed on dead and decaying plants. Their bodies are divided into segments with each segment having just a pair of legs and the number of legs can vary from about 17 to 177. Centipedes usually are found outdoors where the moisture content is high under rocks, pile of decaying leaves, underneath your porches and the likes.

Centipede Extermination Factors

They sometimes can be found inside our homes in places like the bathroom, basements and even your closets. When you have a centipede infestation in your house, it is advised you don’t try to do it yourself because centipedes have been known to bite when they feel threatened and there bites can be very painful.

Do it yourself is not only dangerous but are rarely effective at all. You can only carry out preventive measures so they don’t come back after fumigation. Here are some few tips on preventing them from entering you house. It does not effectively eliminate the pest, it just helps to ensure that your house is safe after fumigation.

    • Carrying out sanitation regularly to remove and reduce dampness from your bathroom, basements and closet can help.
    • Proper ventilation of these areas to can also help in reducing their presence in your home.
    • Getting rid of decaying leaves and keeping your surroundings neat and properly kept can also help.

Our services are delivered by trained professionals that ensure the complete elimination of centipedes from your home. Our basic plan varies in cost depending on your home size. We also provide our professional services for the control of other pest that have infested your home at an affordable price. For other services and their quotations, contact our customer service representative and we will provide you with the quote.  

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