Extermination Prices For Mosquitoes In Columbia, SC

April 17, 2018

From the annoying buzz and the itching that they cause to the health problems that mosquitoes present, extermination is necessary for most homeowners. That’s why individuals in Columbia, SC do everything that they can to keep mosquitoes at bay using a number of domestic solutions such as insecticide sprays to repellents. Mosquitoes can lay an average of 100 eggs in a small space (think the size of a bottle top). In a couple of weeks, they can lay up to 3,000 eggs, which can make it extremely hard to control their influx.

Mosquito Management Made Simple!

The best solution is to call a professional pest fumigation service that can get rid of the mosquitoes. Extermination prices for mosquitoes are actually quite affordable, contrary to what most people think. The pricing for residential mosquito control may vary from one project to another but the extermination prices for mosquitoes are typically based on the following factors:

    • The total size of your lot or space.
    • The amount of landscaping- the bushes, flowerbeds, lower branches of the tree, and shrubs on your yard that need to be sprayed.

The prices of yards or lots that are characterized by more than the average landscaping will obviously be slightly higher because it will require the use of more chemical products and more time. The number of times you choose to have mosquitoes exterminated from your house is important because it will ultimately impact the control prices for mosquitoes that you may have to pay.  

You should consider seasonal mosquito control pricing whereby the expert makes regular visits to your house. Your annual spending on mosquito control services will be based on the duration of the mosquito season in the area that you live. Sometimes individuals require a one time mosquito treatment either for a party or event. One-time mosquito treatments can be helpful if you are worried about guest getting bitten during your function.

Although mosquito control services are designed to eradicate mosquitoes, please note that the treatment does not serve as a glass dome. Mosquitoes can still fly from one yard to the next so there is a high likelihood that you might still encounter them every now and then.

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