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September 17, 2018

Mice are actually believed to be more intelligent and bolder than rats. Once a rat senses a human is coming, it will quickly run away, while a mouse might still hangout to observe the behavior of a human before running away. House mice are smaller rodents compared to rats, yet these two rodents often times almost look the same. It is hard to identify a baby rat with a mouse, but they have contrasting behaviors. Mice will only run away if threatened. Both mice and rats dwell in rural and urban areas. 

The Potential Dangers Of Mice

Mice typically invade human homes for food and shelter. They can destroy important things in your household like woods, electric wires, clothing, and papers by rotting them. Their presence in the household can also attract snakes, because snakes prey on rodents. Mice, rats, and other rodents’ bite can be very painful because these creatures are equipped with large teeth, which also enables them to rot hard materials such as wood.

Mice and rats can carry and transmit diseases through their urine, by biting humans, contaminating food, and tampering food packaging. These diseases include but are not limited to salmonella, leptospirosis (which has about 10% death rate), rat bite fever (which has about 8% death rate), Hantavirus (which has about 38% death rate), Lyme disease, and different types of plague (which has about 50-100% death rate depending on the type). Center for Disease Control (CDC) claimed that there were over 10 million people reported ill, and many died of the diseases transmitted by these rodents over the last century.

D-I-Y Control

Using baits may not be effective for some mice. Their intelligence and strong sense of smell can give them the ability to recognize poison and avoid it despite extreme hunger. A used snap trap may have remaining mouse’s blood in it. If not disinfected thoroughly, the next mouse that you will try to catch may smell the remaining blood of the previously killed mouse and be able to avoid the trap, even if they crave for the food you’ve put in it. Over the counter pesticides may not be effective compared to those that can only be bought by licensed exterminator.

Feline Exterminator

Having a cat at home may control the presence of any rodents because, like snakes, cats also prey rodents. Cats have a strong sense of smell and hearing ability, making them good hunters. They also prey on other animals such as cockroaches, birds, lizards, and other amphibians and reptiles. Rodents are likely to run away once they see cats and wouldn’t be able to destroy any objects in your home anymore. However, using a cat as a pest control may limit you in petting it due to hygiene and cats are necessarily intended to be pest exterminators.

Human Exterminator

Human exterminators are certified professionals with proper and formal training (and license) in getting rid of any pests. They have studied branches of science such as biology and chemistry and passed exams to be able to properly and safely help you with your pest problems in your house as well as in your office.

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