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September 24, 2018

Mites are generally small, with the largest mite species being Trombidium holosericeum, measuring around 4 millimeters, and the smallest being the dust mite, which can only measure up to about 0.3 millimeters and is not visible to the naked human eye. There are both harmful and beneficial species of mites.

Mites Exterminating Other Mites

Phytoseiulus is a predatory mite that eats another species of mites called spider mites. Spider mites mainly feed on plants and are serious pests to agriculture, particularly in greenhouses and outdoor crops. They eat hundreds of varieties of plants and prefer peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, maize, and strawberries, and ornamental plants such as roses. They are just slightly smaller than Phytoseiulus. Phytoseiulus is very helpful in the agricultural industries in controlling the pest spider mites while being safe in humans, pets, and other wildlife animals. A Phytoseiulus can eat hundreds of spider mites in a lifetime, and they can reproduce twice as much as spider mites do.

Humans Exterminating Mites

There are many species of mites that are considered pests to humans, pets, and in agriculture. Mites that can be pests in humans and pets should be exterminated, and these include but are not limited to: Dust Mites, Flour Mites, Fruit Mites, Chigger Mites, Scabies Mites, Bird Mites, Spiny Rat Mite, Tropical Rat Mite, House Mouse Mite, Hay Mite, Carpet Mite, and Cheese Mite.

The annoyance and/or destruction that they cause to humans varies. Some can cause simple allergies, while in some part of Asia and Australia, a mite species called Orientia tsutsugamushi causes a serious illness called Scrub typhus which can be fatal. Mites also infest in animals' bodies such as dogs, cats, mice, rats, and birds. If they infest an animal’s body, they can be mistaken for fleas. In dogs and cats, they commonly infest on their ear. This should be treated by a veterinarian.

There are also diverse mite species that are serious pests in the agriculture. These include but not limited to spider mites (mentioned earlier), banks grass mites (which frequently attack corns), and gall mites. Treating mite infestation at home varies depending on its species. You must properly identify its species to properly and effectively get rid of them because most of them require a treatment that is unique for them. For a person who does not know the science of insects, it can be very hard to identify mite’s species given that they are also very diverse.

Why You Should Call The Professionals At Go-Forth Pest Control

A professional pest exterminator can help you with that. They are trained to identify different types of insects and their different species. They also know the proper and unique treatment required for a specific insect. Go-Forth Pest Control is a company that has 55+ years of experience in identifying and properly treating mites and other pests. We don’t just help you in getting rid of pests that have already infested in your house, but we can also provide preventive methods before pest can enter your house.

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