Flea Control Services In Columbia, SC

March 12, 2018

It may seem like a good idea to tackle a flea infestation on your own but read on for why it is more fruitful to call a competent flea control service in Columbia, SC right away.

Four Vital Reasons For Hiring A Flea Control Service

If you want to be sure that there is a flea infestation in your Columbia, SC home, then you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are there pets in your house?
  2. If you have pets in your house, then, do they scratch themselves?
  3. Do people in your household constantly feel the need to scratch certain areas of their bodies?
  4. Is your house decked with carpets and rugs?

If you answered yes to the majority of the questions above, then it is time to take a step further and consult a professional pest control service to allay your concerns regarding a potential flea infestation.

It Is Not An Amateur’s Task

The hazard that such infestations cause is very disruptive to the value of your home and property. Pest control services are trained in the field and know how to design strategic methods for flea control. This admonition rings especially true when the subject of chemical sprays comes to light. There are many hazardous chemicals on the market that amateurs are not authorized to use. Pest control servicemen are trained to use these chemicals both inside and outside the home.

Meticulous Investigation

This is another very important reason why one should hire the services of a trained pest control technician. Pest technicians systematically investigate the size of the house, the extent of the infestation, the origin of the “flea nest” and recommend procedures for long-term prevention of pest prevention.

Fast Reproduction Rate & Disease-Carrying Agents

The interior that fleas thrives on is the carpet and rugs. These places are the breeding grounds for flea larvae, eggs and cocoons. The life cycle of a flea is between two days to two weeks where after ingesting the larvae turns into pupae and then settles into a cocoon. Apart from the alarmingly fast reproduction rate, fleas are also good vectors for many diseases. There are several allergies which can be transmitted by fleas. In such a bleak situation, a flea control service offers thoroughness and consistency. Consistency is provided in routine thorough check-ups and timed-spray misting.

Cost-Effective In The Long Run

Many people choose the easy route by becoming the flea control service themselves and neglecting the safety of their pets and family members. You may save a few bucks initially but the long-term adverse effects can be costly. In such instances, hiring quality assurance flea services is not only the safest solution for you and your family members, but it is actually more cost-effective in the long run. One can dwell safely in the comfort and happiness of their homes if proper, immediate and effective steps are taken against harmful pest infestations.

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