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February 12, 2018

You might be surprised to hear that there are over 2,000 different species of fleas in the world. And all of them love to bite! Here at Go-Forth Pest Control we like to educate our customers in order to make our flea treatment services as effective as possible. We believe that with the right education and right tools you can conquer any task, even ones as annoying as an infestation of fleas. Below we will tell you about the four most common fleas and the best flea extermination process for your Charlotte, NC home.

Cat Flea

Cat fleas (ctenocephalides felis) are about 2 mm long and are the world’s most common flea. Although their name may suggest that these fleas are found only on felines, that is not the case. Cat fleas are found on dogs more often than dog fleas are! Cat fleas also bite humans and can cause certain diseases like Bartonella, murine typhus, and a tapeworm called Dipylidium caninum.

Dog Fleas

Dog fleas (ctenocephalides canis) look just like cat fleas to the naked eye and the differences between them can usually only be seen with a microscope. Dog fleas are seen more often in Europe than in the United States.

Oriental Rat Fleas

Oriental rat fleas (xenopsylla cheopis) are a 2.5 mm flea that usually feeds off of rodents. This type of flea is considered the most dangerous because once it feeds off of the blood of a rat infected with bacillus bacterium, it can then spread it to humans. Bacillus bacterium is the bacteria that causes the Plague and has killed over 200 million people in Europe during the fourteenth century. The flea transmits the bacteria to its host and then when the host dies from the infection the flea jumps onto its new host, starting the cycle of infection all over again.

Human Fleas

Although extremely rare in the United States, human fleas (pulex irritans) can be found in under developed countries with poor sanitation and hygiene. However in the United States these types of fleas can be found on pigs.

Flea Extermination In Charlotte, NC

If fleas bother you or your pets there are two areas of flea treatment you should focus on. If you have an infestation of fleas then it most likely came from your favorite furry animal. Fleas tend to jump on animals while they are outside and then just hang out on them until acted upon by an outside force. Fleas will feed off of your pet’s blood and then reproduce eggs, which eventually fall off of your pet and into you house. This can cause a nasty flea infestation in your carpet, bed, couch, or anywhere else your pet frequents. The first step to exterminating fleas is to eliminate them from your animal. A veterinarian is the best professional to assist you with this. After treating your pet you must treat your house. This begins with vacuuming all of your floors very thoroughly and washing exposed fabrics and pet beds frequently. After these basic steps are completed you should then contact an experienced exterminator. Exterminators will offer effective and safe flea treatment services to rid your home of fleas once and for all.

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