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June 1, 2018

While they are mostly associated with pets like dogs and cats, a flea infestation is more than just a problem for the pets in Winston-Salem, NC. They are easily transmitted to humans by their pets. Their bites itch and can cause serious inflammation if not well taken care of.

Flea Management Services

Fleas are also known to transmit certain kinds of diseases. You should therefore figure out the best extermination method as soon as you notice an infestation. To avoid the challenges and risks you face from a DIY flea extermination, the services of professional local flea exterminators are sure to come in handy. Preparing appropriately for a flea extermination is crucial for the convenience of the household and smooth operation of the exterminator. To best prepare for a flea extermination, it is important that you take note of the processes involved in acquiring such services.

Contacting The Exterminator

Getting in touch with the exterminator is among the first stages of acquiring professional flea extermination services. You can reach your local exterminator for fleas via phone, mail or by physically visiting their offices. It is at this point that you explain to the experts the infestation and the services you seek. The exterminators then advise you on their terms of operation and schedule a date to conduct an inspection of the affected property.

Inspection & Quotation

After arriving at your premises, one of the preliminary procedures conducted by the exterminator is an inspection. Through the inspection, the exterminator determines the extent of the infestation and the areas that are most affected by the fleas. The inspection also makes it possible for the exterminator to isolate the possible entry points and factors that may have attracted the fleas to your premises. After the inspection, the exterminator then proceeds to giving you a quotation of an extermination procedure. Ideally, the quotation is done free of charge. You should ensure that there are neither hidden charges nor additional costs during the quotation.


If you are comfortable with the given quote, the flea exterminator schedules a date for the actual extermination. Using the results of the inspection, they will establish the best extermination measures to employ. It is also important that you are involved when the right treatment is being picked. Give your thoughts about ideal flea extermination measures. The right exterminator will also advice you on treatments that are of lower toxicity to minimize the danger towards pets and humans in the household who are exposed to it.

On the day of the extermination, it is essential that you give the local exterminators ample space to discharge their flea control services. If possible, let the operation be done on a day that there are no children on the property. If pets are already infested, have the professionals treat them using benign treatments.

Prevention & Follow-ups

After the extermination, the objective is keeping the fleas out. This is done by putting in place prevention methods and having the exterminator conduct regular follow up routines. With these in mind, you should have an easy time planning for and having a flea extermination done on your property.

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