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August 13, 2020

Owning a pet is akin to having children. The joy they bring us just warms our heart from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But just like children, we are also responsible for the well-being of our pets. More so when we discover that our beloved pets have tiny blood-sucking creatures on them called fleas. If you think that fleas only pester our pets, think again. The presence of fleas not only affects our pets, but it also affects our whole household. Even other households with no pets become infested with fleas when these tiny creatures start to attack. Let our battle with the fleas begin by knowing more about this pest.

flea on human skin

Information About Fleas 

The life cycle of fleas happens in four stages namely egg, larva, pupae, and then adult. The adult female flea lays 40-50 eggs in a day and can lay 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. Most flea eggs burrow themselves in carpets, pet beddings, and upholstered furniture. So, other households without pets can also be infested because eggs can be carried through things where flea eggs are present. Fleas have a flexible life cycle. They transform from an egg to an adult faster when the surrounding conditions are warm and moist. But their life cycle becomes slower when it is dry and cold.

When fleas become full-grown adults, they start to cling themselves onto warm-blooded animals like our pets. Fleas latch onto our pets by jumping as high as approximately 150 times its own height. They feed, mate, and lay eggs on their host. They remain and live off their host for almost two months making it their home sweet home.

Fleas feed on blood. In a day, the female flea can consume blood 15 times its own body weight. Their feeding can even last up to two and a half hours. Although they prefer feeding on hairy animals like our dogs and cats, people are not free from their bites. Yes, you heard that right. Fleas also bite humans. This is because they have receptors that respond to carbon dioxide when emitted. So, this makes a flea infestation harmful to both pets and humans alike.

Do Fleas Pose Dangers?

An infestation of fleas can cause harm not only to our pets but to people as well. Flea bites on pets and humans are itchy. This is due to their saliva which consists of anesthetics. Some people display allergic reactions because of this foreign substance. Some even experience anaphylactic shock. Because of the itch, we cannot help but scratch the bite site. If we cause lesions, bacteria can easily enter the wound and cause the infection. This is why we should never take it for granted, especially if you have children at home.

Other than that, flea bites can also cause anemia, especially to smaller dogs. Although this is a rare occurrence, it is not impossible especially if the amount shown by these pests is more than what our pets can produce. Did you know that these creatures can carry parasites such as tapeworms? Cats and dogs can accidentally ingest these worms by chewing on their coat. If so, tapeworms will immediately latch on to their gut and cause problems. The common symptoms of tapeworms include the unexplained weight loss of our pooch. Some display it through over-eating. Others, however, lose their appetite. 

Flee From Fleas

The infestation of fleas in our homes is a battle that is difficult to deal with. Why you might ask? Well, for one, fleas are hard to find and discover. The miniature size of fleas makes it difficult for us humans to know that there is a flea infestation in our home. We can only discover fleas on our pets by using a flea comb on our pets or wetting our pets’ fur. Secondly, the rapid growth in numbers of fleas makes the infestation burdensome on our part.

Many individuals usually mistake a flea bite like a mosquito bite or a bed bug bite. This is why it is a tricky pest to discover. People might be applying the wrong methods for pest control because they are unable to pinpoint the main source.

Did you know that fleas can exist even without the pet? These creatures do not only rely on animal blood to survive. Before winter comes, they should have found a stable shelter where there is warmth. What matters to them is the presence of a host regardless if it is an animal or a human being. To eliminate them, here are the most practical methods to control if not eliminate the population of fleas. 

How To Eliminate Fleas

On Your Pooch

1. Use a flea comb. Not only can use this to diagnose a flea infestation but also to extract fleas, flea dirt, and flea eggs. This comb has fine bristles that easily catches fleas on your pet’s hair. When using it, get a water and soap solution on a bowl. This way, you won’t have to squish the fleas with your bare hands. This is dangerous considering the parasites and bacteria that these pests for more. To prevent yourself from getting sick, drop the fleas on the soap-water solution, and let them drown. 

2. Use a lemon solution. Many people underestimate the use of natural methods. Little do they know that a common fruit or a flavoring can help deter fleas. To use, simply combine lemon extract with water and store it in a spray bottle. Spray it on areas where your dog usually lounges or sleeps such as the sofa, the bed, and their toys. Did you know that you can spray this to their coat as well? This will offer them protection when you take them outdoors. Plus, it disturbs the existing pests on their coat. 

3. Bathe your dog regularly. This is the most practical way to eliminate fleas. But of course, you have to use specialized shampoos to kill them. This of a reliable veterinarian so they can prescribe anti-flea shampoos and conditioners. As much as possible, choose products made from natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and neem oil. These are two of the most important ingredients that can kill and repel fleas.  

4. Use spot-on treatments and chewable tablets. This is another way to eliminate pests on your dog’s coat. But before you use them, make sure that the product is certified by experts. Do not choose treatments based on other people’s advertisements. Remember that dogs have different chemical and biological compositions. What works for other dogs might cause allergic reactions to yours. So, before choosing spot-on treatments and chewable tablets, have your pooch to checked by the vet. This is the best way to choose the best products that don’t cause any adverse reaction to your fur babies.  

In Your House 

Eliminating fleas on your pooch is not enough. Some eggs fall to your floors, couches, and beds, so you have to clean your house as well. Here are some strategies to eliminate fleas from your house. 

1. Vacuum regularly. Fleas are versatile and flexible creatures. They can hide in the smallest cracks and crevices inside your house. This cannot be targeted by brooms so it is important to invest in a vacuum. Its power is enough to suck the fleas, eggs, and larvae from these cracks. You can also use it to eliminate them from your bed, couches, and carpets. After using, don’t forget to throw away the contents of the vacuum bag to eliminate the fleas for good and prevent them from reproducing. 

2. Wash pet bedding and toys. Expect that eggs are present on these materials. To eliminate them, regularly wash their toys and bedding using warm water and soap. After rinsing, use high heat when using your dryer. This will make sure that no pest will survive the wash. If not, you can utilize the heat of the sun to dry the fleas for good.

4. Clean your lawn. Your lawn should be your first line of defense against pests. Did you know that fleas can pass through your lawn and into your home? This is why you need to make your lawn unattractive to these insects. One way of doing so is regular mowing. Long grass blades offer shelter and protection to pests during warm weather. This is how they can thrive and populate. Once you walk past them, more fleas will latch onto your clothes and shoes to hitch a ride towards your home. If you are not keen on keeping the lawn clean, it will be a beacon to many kinds of pests that will soon transfer indoors for food and shelter. 

There you have it.

And these are only some of the methods to eliminate and prevent fleas from entering and pestering your house. To protect your children and your fur babies from infestation, it’s important to apply these practical strategies. If not, you can always contact reliable flea exterminators to do the job for you. If you’re in North Carolina, one of the most competent service providers is the Go-Forth Pest Control. This company offers premium-quality services at an affordable price. If you don’t believe me, their contact and information as stated above. Call them now for an inspection. 

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