How To Get Rid Of Hornets & Wasps In Charlotte, NC

February 26, 2018

Are you having a hornets & wasps problem in Charlotte, NC? Having these insects in your house is a nuisance and can cause various health problems. Most people try to eliminate these pests, but they are unsuccessful as it is a tricky task. This is why you should eliminate the nest as soon as you discover it. In this article, we have highlighted effective ways to remove these insects. Let’s have a look the way to get rid of the hornets and wasps.

Find The Nest

The first thing that you must do is to locate the nest of these flying insects. The nest will be shaped like a pine cone and is upside down or it can even be a huge lump. Hornets have their nest in sheltered places.  Some of the places to look for nests are:

    • Playsets
    • Hollow trees
    • Under roof awnings
    • Stacked wood
    • Under the leaves
    • Attics
    • On windows
    • Vacant vehicles and buildings

Remove The Hornets & Wasps Using Bagging Technique

One of the top methods that you can use to eliminate the Hornets is by bagging them. This method is a great way to eradicate the nest of wasps and hornets. It can be used when there is two of you and when the nest can be reached easily. The bagging technique must be performed in the evening when they are less active. It is a good technique to use when the nest is on a lower branch of a tree. You have to place the bag under the nest so it falls in it. It is advised to use hedge trimmers for cutting the branch. You must fill the bag with insecticide and tightly seal the bag after the nest falls in it. You can dispose of the nest in whatever way you deem is appropriate.

Tips To Keep In Mind

When using bagging method there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

    • You must wear the right clothing and you must be covered from head to toe. Gloves, thick clothing, and safety glasses are essential.
    • You should have large and robust plastic bag.
    • Long handheld trimmer must be used.

Using Soap & Water

Another effective method to get rid of these flying insects is by making a solution of soap and water. This is an environmentally-friendly way to eliminate the wasps. All you have to do is add dish soap in water and spray it onto the nest. According to the experts, this is an efficient way as the soap will block the breathing spores. This method is a more humane way of getting rid of hornets and wasps than using pesticides.

A crucial thing that you need to keep in mind is that there is a high risk of getting stung. So, you must wear proper clothing when using this technique. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the nest of these pests quickly when it appears. Getting rid of them is a challenging task that must be left to professionals. You should regularly inspect your house for active nests of these insects. This is a great way to keep the Hornets and wasps away from your house.  

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