How To Get Rid Of Rodents In Columbia, SC

June 26, 2018

Have rats infested your home in Columbia, SC? Well, rats can be a huge problem in your home since they can contaminate air, food and can destroy property. They can also carry plagues and act as hosts in the transmission of various diseases. Fortunately, this guide reveals professional tips for rat control.

The Ultimate Guide To Get Rid Of Rats

Cut Off Their Food & Shelter Supply

The first major step in controlling and preventing rats is to get rid of possible hide outs and cut out food supply. Inspect your home both indoors and outdoors and eliminate possible hideouts and food supplies. For instance, you should remove pet food and compost piles and keep your home tidy. This will make your home become less attractive to rats. 

Find Possible Entry Points

Rats only require a small opening to squeeze into your house. Walk around your house and check for entry points. Look under doors, around vents and in any place where wiring enters into your home. Use steel wool to seal all openings that you will find. 

Plan Your Attack

After you have blocked access to your house, it’s now time to plan your attack to rats that are already inside your house. When cleaning up, you will get some clue as to specific places where rats are often hanging out since you will see their droppings.

Trap The Rats

Set some traps with bait food that won’t go bad quickly. Check the traps regularly to remove rats that have already got in traps. Check the garage door, chimney and air conditioning vents to ensure rats cannot get their way inside the house. If you have huge rat infestation, these professional tips for rat control will be effective. You can also contact a local pest control company for help.

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