Getting Rid Of Meal Moths

March 5, 2019

Meal moths have the most unenviable reputation as being the most troublesome pest to infest the pantry. They like to go after your dry foods: cereal, rice, pasta, sugar, flour, nuts, oats, powdered milk. Name it, they want it. They have the capacity to bite their way in through plastic and cardboard boxes. Because if the damages that they cause, we would not want them in our homes.

Meal moths also go by the name Indianmeal Moths. They did not come from India though  Instead, they got their name because they were found feeding on Indian grain.

Meal moths pose no serious threats to our health and are merely nuisance pests.


Adult meal moths’ sizes are 8 to 10 mm in length and a ⅝ inch wingspan. They are gray in color and the outer lining of their wing are highlighted by a reddish brown color.

How Did I Get These Pantry Moths?

Pantry moths get in your home through packaged food bought from the store. That is why before purchasing dry food, inspect first for any signs of pantry moth infestation.

The Life Cycle Of Meal Moths

Adult meal moths usually lay their eggs near grains or any type of dry food. Female moths can lay as much as 300 eggs at a time. The size of these eggs can be anywhere between .3 and .5 mm. Within two weeks, larvae begin to hatch and they start feeding on whatever dry food that is near them. The larvae are about 12 mm long. The larvae, when fully grown, can spin cocoons. After that, transformation to pupae occurs, and after 30 days the adult meal moth emerges.

Meal Moths As Pests

Meal moths are considered pests because they can infest any kind of dry foodstuffs like grains, nuts, flour, sugar, pasta, dog food, dried fruits, and nuts. Once infested, these dry foods will have to be thrown away. They can chew their way inside plastic and cardboard containers.


1. The main reason we get meal moths in the house is because of the infested packages of food that we just bought from the grocery store. Before purchasing dry food, check for infestation. Look for webbings as it is a sure sign that meal moths are on there.

2. If you have dry food in your house that is infested, immediately dispose of these. They are already damaged way beyond use anyway. Throwing them away can at least control their spread.

3. Clean your pantry regularly. Vacuum your shelves and cupboard, then wash with soap and hot water.

4. Store food in sealed containers.

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