When Cooler Weather Sends Invaders Your Way

October 3, 2016

While human residents of the area enjoy more comfortable temperatures, instincts begin to kick in for certain rodents and other creatures with more than four legs, sending them in search of new homes where they can ride out winter's wrath. Unfortunately, modern-day pests are less discriminant than those of the past. Many of them are perfectly content to substitute carpet, gaps between inner and outer walls, or home furnishings for the natural grass and trees where they'd normally live.

Local Pests To Look Out For

Some say fall is the best time of the year. As Mother Nature calms her temper for a few months, summer's heat, humidity, and thunderstorms taper off to give North Carolinians a bit of a break before the snow and ice take hold. Many of the pests common around here can be found across the country.

Most of them aren't particularly dangerous to humans, but they can all become nuisances if they invade your property. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Plenty of Greensboro Pest Control solutions are available to help make sure the local wildlife checks your home off its list of suitable dwellings.

  • Ants: Several different ant species make their homes in North Carolina. One of the most common is the fire ant. Winters here typically aren't cold enough to have an impact on their colonies. Since they simply move a little deeper underground until warmer weather returns, they'll still be lingering on your property if their mounds aren't treated by a Greensboro pest control specialist beforehand. Odorous house ants may also become an issue for you. These are the larger dark brown or black varieties you're likely to see in your kitchen or bathroom. When their usual food sources are frozen out, they'll find their way inside to feast on your cereal, snack cakes, and pet food.
  • House Mice: You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't had a problem with house mice. Like most other pests, they seek greener pastures once frost takes over the ones they call home. Though they prefer to stay away from humans, they can easily do so while living in your house. These little creatures are known carriers of salmonella, which they can deposit in your food after they chew their way into it. They'll also eat through your walls, wiring, and any bedding and clothing stored in your closets. In addition to getting rid of those already in your home, pest control in Guilford county for these fuzzy foes includes sealing up potential access points so others can't come inside.
  • Spiders: Black widows and brown recluses are well-known for their powerful bites. Carolina wolf spiders are infamous because of their threatening appearance, although their bites usually only cause redness and itching. You might also see a fishing spider in or around your home. Their venom isn't extremely dangerous for most people, but any furry, eight-legged house guest the size of a small chipmunk with the ability to breathe under water for up to 30 minutes probably shouldn't be living with you. Since they can lay up to 100 eggs in a nest, seeing even one could mean you're in for a bigger problem without the help of a Greensboro exterminator.
  • Termites: For the most part, termites in this area are subterranean. Like fire ants, they'll just burrow a little deeper into the ground during fall and winter, coming out by the hundreds or thousands to eat your home. Keeping leaf, mulch, and firewood piles away from your home can help discourage their swarmers who are out searching for new places to build a colony, but it's not a foolproof solution. If you see these insects, or even small holes in wood or tubes of mud on your foundation, professional termite control measures should be taken.

Taking Action Against Occasional Pests

These are only a few of the invaders you might have lurking around your property during the weeks to come. You probably won't actually see mosquitoes, but their eggs can easily survive the cold to hatch during spring. Any fleas or ticks hitching rides on your pets are sure to enjoy the warmth of your home, and several species of cockroaches will be looking for winter hideouts. Though fall offers people more pleasant weather than other seasons, its onset tends to trigger pest infestations. Whether you see intruders firsthand or only signs of their presence, now is the time to take action. From emergency extermination sessions to ongoing preventative measures, Greensboro Pest Control can help make sure you're not sharing your home against your will.

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