Greensboro, NC's Secret Weapon To Effective Ant Control

March 3, 2021

Even if ants don't make your skin crawl, you probably don't want them in your home or business. Ants are nuisance pests that can also be dangerous. If you want to protect your property, you can try any number of DIY methods. But there's only one method of ant control that you need to know about. 

carpenter ant on home foundation

The Common Ants In Greensboro

Although there are several types of ants in Greensboro, fire ants may be the most feared. They have a painful sting, attack in large numbers, and unlike some of the other local ants, fire ants have giant colonies with multiple queens.

Argentine ants are also commonly found in Greensboro. Foreign invaders, Argentine ants have expansive nests that are almost impossible to eliminate. Also prevalent are carpenter ants that tunnel through the wood: while they aren't as damaging as termites, carpenter ants can still wreak immense damage to your property.

Other ants, like little black ants, don't do much but be a nuisance. They can, however, spread diseases by way of food contamination. All ants are difficult to eliminate once they call your property home. If you don't want to experience all of the trouble that comes from an infestation, you should consider using the secret weapon to ant control.

Tips For Ant Prevention 

Before you use the secret weapon to ant control, you can take some precautions. All of the following are ways in which you may be able to keep ants away from your property:

Maintain The Yard

If you have tall vegetation and piles of debris in your yard, you're almost certain to experience ants. Keep your lawn short and trim your branches and trees regularly. When you do yard work, place yard debris in contractor bags and dispose of them immediately.

Piles of junk in your yard will also attract ants. Don't let old machinery or building materials accumulate in your yard, and you can make your property less appealing to ants. 

Keep Ants From Entering Your Home

If there are no entry points to your home, ants will remain outside. So to keep these pests from invading, eliminate all potential entrance points. Seal up cracks and crevices in your walls, and around your doors and windows. Additionally, check your screens for holes and gaps.

Keeping ants out requires constant diligence. As most ants are small, they can make entrances out of almost nothing, so simply sealing up entrances won't be enough to keep ants out.

Store Food And Trash Carefully

Inside and outside your home, there could be an endless supply of food for ants. If you don't seal up your garbage cans or your food, you give ants a good reason to come onto your property.

Avoid this by storing your garbage cans in sealed containers, and keeping your kitchen food in glass or plastic containers with lids. Otherwise, food contamination is likely. 

Clean Up Well

A small crumb is all ants need for survival, so by cleaning up your kitchen after meals and sweeping your floors, you can make your home far less appealing. If something spills on the floor, clean it up right away.

An occasional deep clean is essential. Every few months, move your large appliances and clean behind them. If you don't, crumbs will remain and ants will always have a reason to invade your property.

The Secret Weapon 

Because ants are relentless and resilient, the tips above aren't 100% foolproof at keeping ants away. For that, you need to turn to the secret weapon - professional assistance.  
Here at Go-Forth Pest Control, we are extremely effective at preventing and eliminating ants. Give us a call today to learn more about our ant control program.

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