Greensboro, NC Makes List Of Top 10 Green Cities

July 26, 2016

Per the site, eighty percent of the population of our country is stuffed into urban environments. It is really up to city developers and their resident's to insist upon melding the concrete jungle and nature.

What Makes A City Green?

According to our very own Greensboro, NC has been named on a list of America's Top Ten Greenest Cities! Coming in at number nine, Greensboro is among heavy-hitters such as San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. This rating scale was based on the following criteria:

  1. Parkland as a percentage of city area
  2. Air quality index
  3. Number of plots in community gardens per capita
  4. Percentage of homes that have a garden or greenhouse
  5. Number of farmers markets per capita
  6. Number of farm-to-table restaurants per capita

One of Greensboro's shining characteristics is its extensive trail system, which hosts around ninety miles of Greenway, running, and biking paths. Greensboro also hosts the Farmers Curb Market, one of the oldest in North Carolina, which gives residents access to fresh local produce, goods, and specialty foods. The local government also supports extensive urban green space by enacting laws that protect open green spaces such as Center City Park.

Greensboro Is Making The Green Commitment And So Are We

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