Greenville, SC Residents Have Found An Antidote To Venomous Spiders

April 11, 2019

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Spiders Are Always Present In Our Homes

Spiders are actually common fixtures in the homes of many Americans. It has been said that we are all within 3 feet of a spider wherever we are inside our homes. In general, spiders are peaceful. They keep to themselves and in fact, they help us get rid of pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and flies that get trapped in the spider’s web.

However, there are some spiders that we should get rid of when finding inside our homes. While most spiders are not venomous, some are and can pose danger to you and your loved ones. The ones with venom do not really attack humans, but they do bite when they are surprised or feel threatened.

The Most Common Types Of Venomous Spiders In The United States

In the United States, there are two types of venomous spiders: the black widow spiders and the brown recluse spiders.

The Black Widow Spider

Black widow spiders are about ¾ to ⅜ inches in size, black in color and with a red hourglass-shaped marking on the body for females and white spots on the side for males. They have eight legs just like most other spiders. Female black widow spiders have a reputation for eating their male counterparts after mating, hence the name. By the way, even the males are called black widows. Males can live up to a year if they are not eaten by the females. The females can live up to 3 years. They are solitary creatures, except during mating season.

Black widows use their webs to capture their prey. They prey on insects like mosquitoes, ants, termites, roaches, and flies. Once the insects are trapped, the black widow covers its prey with silk. The black widow then injects enzymes that will liquefy their prey before eating them.

Only the female black widows bite. Their venom is said to be 15 times more potent than that of a rattlesnake’s. Their bites though very painful, are not really fatal to humans. However, they are fatal to children and the elderly. They do not attack and bite only when threatened.

When bitten, seek immediate medical help. Wash the bite area with soap and water then apply a cold compress. Catch the black widow spider either dead or alive then bring it with you to the doctor. This will let the doctor know that it was a black widow spider that bit you, and appropriate medical treatment can be given.

There are ways to get rid of black widows in your homes.  

1. Remove potential hiding spots. Since they like to keep to themselves, they like staying in undisturbed areas. Storage boxes, woodpiles, the back of the closets, under the furniture, and even shoes that have not been worn for a long time are some of the places they can hide.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean around the house. If you have to, move your furniture a bit so you can vacuum the area where it stood.  After vacuuming, seal and dispose of the bag outside your home and make sure nothing in the bag can find its way back again.

3. Seal of all cracks and holes you can find around your home. These can become potential entry points for the black widow spider.

4. Always wear gloves when gardening. In case you run into a black widow, your hands will be safe from a bite. While at it, clear vegetation around your home. Plants can also be used as hiding places for the spiders.  Also, do not go barefoot while doing this.

Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse spider is the most common of the brown spiders. They are the only other venomous spider species in North America. It is characterized by its 6 eyes, instead of the usual 8, and arranged in three pairs. They also have a violin-shaped marking in their bodies.

The brown recluse got its name from its shy nature. The brown recluse, much like the black widow, hides in dark places. They can be found in or behind closets, in trash cans, under porches, and other similar items or places. They are nocturnal.

One habit of the brown recluse spider is that they are very good hitchhikers. They hitchhike on boxes or furniture. They also need to mate only once in a year to be able to produce 150 eggs in a year. Getting rid of them in your homes may prove to be a bit of a challenge since they are always in hiding.

If a brown recluse bites you, seek immediate medical care. Though most of the time, brown recluse bites are not fatal, some develop severe symptoms. People who are bitten by the brown recluse often have small red marks on the skin, but heals immediately.

Symptoms of a brown recluse bite include fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and sweating. As first aid treatment, wash the bite area with soap and water and then put a cold compress on the bitten area for about ten minutes. If still possible, catch the spider and bring it with you to the doctor. This will ensure that you will get the proper treatment because the doctor will know it was a brown recluse spider that got you

To control the population of the black recluse, here are some of the things you can do:

1. Always clean your homes. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean carpets, and other hard to reach areas. If you need to move furniture out of the way, get some help in doing so. After vacuuming, seal the bag so that nothing can escape. Dispose of it outside the house and make sure nothing can go back inside your homes.

2. Seal cracks, windows, and doors. These could be used as entry points for the brown recluse spider. Using a caulking gun, fill any cracks you can find on the walls and the foundation, on pipes, around wires, and faucets. Use gloves to protect your hands from a brown recluse that might suddenly appear while you are doing these.

3. Clear away vegetation around your house. Brown recluse can live in these plants. If you can, cut them back as much as you can. Brown recluse spiders are particularly fond of ivy, so pay attention to it.

About Greenville

Greenville County has the largest population in South Carolina with 470,000 residents. Approximately 61,000 residents are in Greenville City. Because of the pleasant weather in Greenville, and business analysts seeing it as very progressive, people come to visit the place as tourists, while some decide to stay and raise their families here.

Many people are starting to give notice to Greenville as a great destination for vacation or to settle. The New York Time said Greenville is a “national model for pedestrian-friendly city center”. The National Geographic named Greenville as one of “The Best Cities in the United States”.  People Magazine called it “The Next Big Small Town”. It is the”# 3 Top Small City in the United States”, says Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. CNN Money said it is one of the “Top 10 Growing Cities in The United States”. Bloomberg named it the “Third Strongest Job Market in The Country”.

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