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January 5, 2018

Mice removal in the area of Greenville, SC can be achieved through various means that include baiting, trapping, chemical sprays or through biological control. These rodents are extremely destructive and if not controlled quickly, the damages they instill on your property can be pretty severe. Although DIY mice control occasionally works for some people, perfect results are not always guaranteed. It also takes a while before the mice are completely eliminated, during which mice may increase in number or further the damage they cause. Usually, it is recommendable that property owners seek professional rodent exterminators to help in getting rid of mice and rats.

How To Choose A Quality Exterminator

Exterminators employ their skill, experience and knowledge in mice control to deliver brilliant services that not only clears your premises of mice, but does it fast too. Knowing whether or not an exterminator is worth the shot is a challenge that most people face from time to time. Certain factors such as experience, qualification and the range of services provided all need to be looked at keenly while selecting an exterminator. While these are also crucial to the entire process, special attention needs to be paid to the procedures the exterminators use during control.


The various mice and rat species have different ideal control measures. As a result, you need to be specific with the mice treatments you use for the control. An inspection is instrumental in isolating the type of mice that have invaded your property. With information acquired from the inspection, it will be easier for you to establish the best treatment for the mice. An inspection is also used to establish other aspects of the infestation such as the extent of the invasion, the amount of damage caused and the areas in which the mice stay. When selecting an exterminator, you need to ensure that they conduct an initial inspection before they commence the control process.

Open To Discussion

In as much as they are the experts in the field, it is appropriate for mice exterminators to discuss with their clients whatever they intend to do. This should be expected of them throughout the entire process. When picking mice treatments for example, they should be open to suggestions from the clients. It is critical that they ascertain the treatment options do not pose any risks to the household. If there are less toxic options available, they should always prioritize such alternatives.

Mice & Rat Prevention

Killing the mice is a temporary measure as re-invasion can occur any time. A long term solution involves killing the mice that are already on the premises and putting in place preventive measures. Prevention is done by placing repellents in and around the property to keep the mice from returning. It can also be achieved through filling or blocking their entry points. This is another way through which you can determine a mice exterminator worth the shot. An exterminator that observes the following processes during mice removal is without a doubt qualified for the job and worth hiring for your mice invasion.

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