The Growth Rate Of A Cockroach

December 7, 2018

We understand how you can be so disgusted with these pests – cockroaches! Not only that their physical appearance can give you creeps, but it’s their legs that can also give you a chilling feeling on your spine. Yikes! Apparently, these creatures are known carriers of various types of bacteria and viruses that are known to cause alarming diseases such as salmonella, gastroenteritis, dysentery and other digestive track oriented diseases.

Growth Patterns Of Cockroaches

The adult cockroach are known to spread pathogenic organisms through their fecal matter and other body excretions. Not only that, but they can cause asthmatic reactions to people on different ages. As this creatures tend to jolt regularly in their entire life-cycle which is why their discarded skin becomes airborne which can be inhaled by people and then ultimately serve as the cause of asthmatic reactions.

Female roaches produces egg sacs which they carry and deposit only in a place that they are sure off to be safe from predators and such. These young roaches that hatch from these egg sacs are known to be nymphs, they undergo different types of molts and shedding of their exoskeletons which allows them to ultimately become adults. Their life cycle entirely depends on their type and other environmental factors such as habitat, food, shelter and warmth of the temperature.

Cockroaches can basically live in almost any place known to men. They can easily be transferred through different methods while they’re in various life cycle stages. Their eggs can easily be spread in a community through packaging and other methods. While sanitation and hygiene are things that people usually consider to be a safe place from these little roaches, unfortunately, these little creatures can still live in these places and they can still infect clean spots with their grease an fecal matters. Roaches are known to get food deposits even in the most difficult of places such as drains, dishwashers, wall cracks and kitchen crevices and cupboards.

While it may come as to no surprise the roaches are omnivores, it’s only understandable they will eventually eat almost anything there is present in their environment no matter how rancid it may be. Once these creatures reach the insides of our home, they will then feed from food crumbs and spillages that are not cleaned immediately. They can even feed from grease deposits, glue and even book bindings. Which what makes them very adaptable to different environments. Nymphs are also known to feed off from the fecal matter of the adult roaches that are guarding them. Disgusting, right? And to think that they are all constantly trying to get on the food that we eat can really make you cringe.

Go-Forth Pest Control understands the struggle that you go through just by knowing that these species can actually be living right where you are living right now. Allow us to provide you with our roach control services which will surely aid your cockroach problem at home. Call us now and get your free quote!

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