How To Hang Christmas Lights On Gutters

October 29, 2018

When the Christmas season hits, it comes at full force. It’s the time for parties, baking, gathering with loved ones, and of course decorating. While some families may go with simply having their Christmas trees put up at home, some go out of their way to the extent of decorating even the highest points of their houses from the inside out.

Professional Light Installation Methods

Colorful lawn ornaments, inflatable snowmen, Christmas flags, and Christmas lights are just a few of the most preferred items for decorating exteriors of houses. Perhaps decorating the inside of our homes is as easy as getting up on a chair, but decorating rooftops and lawns can require extensive work. Even so, hanging Christmas lights all the way up to the highest peaks of our houses requires very complex work, skill, focus, and equipment.

If you feel even slightly uneasy about installing your own Christmas lights, it’s probably in your best interest to call a professional for help. Professional light installation can not only give exactly what you wish to have when it comes to your Christmas decor, but it also is the best way to ensure your safety. However, if you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, we have put together some tips to help you safely install your Christmas lights yourself in tricky places like around your gutters and roofing.

Ensure That Bulbs Are In The Right Place

If you prefer to attach the clips to your gutter itself, then you’re not going to have too hard of a time. Now it may be true that many light clips do not work if the light bulbs are positioned facing upward or if the lights are directly attached to the roof line. That would be because a gutter’s helmet has a nose-like design which if you attach to the gutter, is slightly extended on the front edge. You can also buy plastic clips that can place the bulbs in a downward position or in a 45 degree angle from the front if you desire that type of look. See to it that the clips you’re using are fit for the lights and bulbs that you’re going to be installing.

One of the main factors in choosing what Christmas light clip will work best for you is through looking at the clip’s thickness at the tip. Usually, the nose should be able to clip on through about half an inch. If you choose this clip, you’ll be able to fasten and fit it through the slit, and also be able to place in order the wire or light from the front corner of your gutter. Thus, this method will not affect the gutter, even if the bulbs are positioned in this such way.

Call The Professionals At Go-Forth Pest Control

Whether or not you’ll be decorating for Christmas yourself of with the help of a professional, it is best to contact Go-Forth Pest Control services for assistance. We offer services that are not limited to elimination of pests in homes, buildings and offices. We offer support and aid in regards to decorating for your different Christmas occasions.

Our trained professionals and adequate equipment gives us access to different parts of your house that cannot be accessed without the use of professional machinery. Let us be your partner in creating that Christmas spirit at your house by helping you decorate. Call us now and set up an appointment today!!

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