Home Remedies & Treatments For Hornets & Wasps In Winston-Salem, NC

June 11, 2018

Wasps are among the most dangerous insects on the planet. They love temperate climate conditions and attracted by bright or dark colors. This insect sting is less poisonous but can still be very painful if it stings you.

All-Natural Wasp Control Methods

If these insects sting you, it is associated with symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness, fever, and nausea. You can as well suffer from low blood pressure, swelling of body parts, diarrhea, stomach cramps and some allergies which will need proper attention. Make sure you get the help of a professional exterminator to make sure you have none on your property. Below, are household remedies that help you get rid of hornets and wasps in Winston-Salem, NC.

Peppermint Oil

Mix 500 ml of water with 30 drops of peppermints oil in spray bottle. This is best repellent so far. Peppermint has a smell which helps in scaring wasps away. Apply to any single wasps nests you can see or entrance points, the wasps will run away from your yard.

Use Dry Ice

Place the dry ice at the main entrance of the wasp's nest. Cover the ice and hole with the mud. The dry ice will cool the nest, and it will also displace carbon dioxide plus oxygen, making wasps use little oxygen remaining hence will die because of suffocation.

Create Smoke

You can get rid of wasps by creating smoke under the wasps’ nests. This will be fun especially when the nest is a bit far from you. Light a fire under their nests so that smoke will cover the all nest for some time to make them suffocate and get repelled. Wear protective gear as it may be dangerous if it comes into contact with your body.

Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon contains a compound called eugenol. This compound repels insects such as yellow jackets and hornets. They also have strong smells that irritate the wasps and make them move away from your home. Spray some cinnamon powder over entrance places to repel them. Do this for about two weeks to make sure they move as others can be stubborn.

Boiling Water

You can pour hot water in the wasps’ nests as well as wasp itself if you see it roaming around. Boiling water is the best way of removing the entire colony. You can also add boric acid and neem oil to the hot water and make sure they are enough for the whole nest, and no wasps will escape.

Use A Shop Vac Filled With Soapy Water

Place the shop vac filled with soapy water to where wasps are coming from. The wasps will get sucked into the vacuum and eventually drown in the soapy water. Leave the shop vac to catch as many wasps as you might want.

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