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February 12, 2018

Termites are certainly one of the hardest pests to control on a property. Their large colonies and the fact that most of them nest underneath the soil makes it difficult to effectively apply pest treatments. Termites are pretty destructive and will destroy a great deal of property within just a short period of time. In order to limit their destruction, you are sure to find it prudent hiring the services of termite control experts in Charlotte, NC. These individuals are often skilled at handling termites and will certainly help protect your property from the nuisance pests.

Experienced Termite Control Services

To effectively control pests, you need to begin by doing some ground work. An inspection is often critical to the entire procedure. It is through the inspection that you establish an infestation, identify the type of termite on the property and arrive at the best control measure. Noticing an infestation is quite challenging considering the fact that termites work from the inside as they move outwards. When trying to identify if there is an infestation, some of the indications you need to observe include hollow sound on wood when they are patted, mud tubes around the property especially on the exterior walls or wooden beams as well as wings from swarmers that may litter the area around the house.  

The best methods of controlling termites is often dependent on the type of termite on the premises. It is therefore crucial to always find out the type of termite that has invaded your living space before embarking on a treatment method. With experienced pest control services, this is hardly a detail to worry about. Most of the professionals are usually well versed with the various termite types and know exactly how to control them. Some of the common termite types include:

    • Subterranean Termite: This termite lives in contact with the soil. They nest underneath the ground or above the ground in areas that are moist. They invade the property through tunnels that maybe either be on the surface or beneath it.
    • Dampwood Termite: For their survival, these species of termites require a good amount of moisture. For easy access to water, these termites nest on wood that is dump and decaying or in closed areas of the property that has lots of moisture or leaks.
    • Formosan Termite: They are by far the most destructive type of termites that live in large colonies. A single colony has more than tens of thousands of termites. Their colonies are located underground and build tunnels when invading a property.
    • Drywood Termite: These termites are resilient and hardly require moisture or soil to survive. They live on dry wood and attack the property through tunnels that are built on wooden structures or the ground. After determining the type of termite that has invaded your property, the expert exterminator will be at a better position to pick the best termite treatments. They will also advise you on the best prevention measures to put in place after ridding the property of the infestation. By doing this, you will be guaranteed a long term break from the pests.  

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