How Dangerous Are The Earwigs In Charlotte, NC?

March 17, 2021

Because they have large pincers attached to their bodies, earwigs in Charlotte look dangerous, imposing, and quite intimidating for their small size. However, their appearance isn’t an indication of their threat. Learn more about the dangers of earwigs and whether or not they’re as dangerous as you might think.

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Do Earwigs Bite?

Earwigs are brown bugs that have a similar body shape to silverfish in Charlotte. And while they look somewhat similar in shape, earwigs have one major difference - they have large forceps, which some people refer to as pincers. Many people fear earwigs because of these forceps, as they look like they could deliver a painful bite.

However, the pincers on earwigs are mostly intended to scare off predators. Although they can grasp with their pincers, earwigs often flee when scared. If they do use their pincers, earwigs don’t cause much pain. They don’t have any venom, and earwigs can’t grab your finger with much force.

While some insects defend themselves with venom-loaded stingers, earwigs are mostly harmless. Their pinch is uncomfortable but probably won’t break the skin; it’s possible, but unlikely, for an earwig to draw blood. Furthermore, the Charlotte insect is only prone to pinching when highly threatened. It would take you picking up an earwig to instigate it to pinch.

Do You Need To Treat An Earwig Bite?

If an earwig does bite you, there’s not much you need to do. A visit to the doctor is only necessary if you have a secondary reaction to the pinch, and to prevent infection, you can simply treat broken skin with an antibiotic cream.

Some people are afraid of earwigs over urban myths, believing that they’ll burrow into ears and cling to your legs, but there’s very little truth to this folklore. While an earwig can enter your ear while you’re sleeping, it’s not likely. And the chance of an earwig entering your ear is no greater than the chance of a spider or another pest doing the same.

Earwig Prevention 101

Earwigs prefer to stay outside, but that doesn’t mean your home is safe. At times, earwigs wander indoors and become an issue. By following these tips, you can keep earwigs out of your home and yard:

Eliminate Areas Of Moisture

By getting rid of high moisture areas, you can make your home or yard less appealing to earwigs. Use dehumidifiers or vent fans in rooms with high moisture. If you have any leaky faucets, repair them. Finally, make sure all of your gutters drain water properly.

Remove Hiding Places

Earwigs often hide under stones, boards, and mulch. To keep earwigs from taking up residence in your yard, remove all possible hiding places. If you must keep boards or stones in your yard, move them away from your home.

Seal Up Your Home

By caulking potential earwig entryways, you can keep the pests outside. Check your pipes, windows, and doors for gaps. The small size of earwigs means that small openings are easily accessible to them. It’s especially imperative to seal openings up on the ground level.

Improve Your Landscaping

Is your landscaping close to your foundation? If so, you could be inviting silverfish into your home. Move bushes that are too close to your home and create a dry border around your foundation with gravel or ornamental, small stones. As an added benefit, this will deter other pests as well. 

Use Pest Control Services

If you truly want protection from earwigs, you can depend on residential pest control services. Here at Go-Forth Pest Control, we’re ready and more than willing to help you. To learn more about our total earwig control plans, give us a call today.

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