How Do You Get Rid Of Roaches Fast?

December 3, 2018

There are many ways in which you can get rid of roaches lurking in and around your home. While there may be some comments about how it is impossible to get rid of roaches that fast, there are a lot of methods that actually beat these type of odds.

Cockroach Management Made Simple

Powerful insecticides perhaps are one way to get rid of these roaches if you want fast results, but this method somehow has downside since it can mean that you’ll be exposing your family and your loved ones to harmful chemicals that go along with these insecticides. So now you’re looking for a less dangerous way to do it. And here’s how:

We Strongly Urge You To Get Cleaning

Just like how it is with other pests that invades homes, preventive measures are well worth it. What does this mean? It means that you have to see to it that your house and your surroundings are thoroughly clean. Remember, that cockroaches feed off on food spills, crumbs and grease that should be present in your home if you don’t have a habit of cleaning off stuff. So get cleaning and start by wiping down counter tops after each time you use the kitchen. If you can, avoid leaving dishes on the kitchen sink overnight and also make sure that the stove and the floors are either swept or mopped before ending each day.

Seal Everything That Serves As An Entry Point For The Roaches

As much as you like to keep your house safe from burglars and other unwanted guests, seal up the your kitchen and tiny spots in your homes to keep roaches away. So seal up crack and holes that might in the potential entry ways for roaches. You might have to look into the walls, pantry area, sink areas, baseboards and the like. Now, searching for the holes might be the hard part  for this process but remember that if you do this successfully then you might just be keeping these creatures away for good.

Trying Your Hand At Making Your Own Cockroach Bait

There are a lot of ways to do this the natural way and here’s how: simply mix in boric acid with powdered sugar. Since roaches like products that are sweet, they will be attracted then to the sugar content of the mixture but what they won’t be able to detect is the boric acid that can ultimately kill them. This method is a great way to create bait as boric acid is not harmful to neither humans or pets. All you have to do is sprinkle the mixture on spaces where you would usually see roaches.

Call In The Experts

Ultimately, if you want your house to be completely pest free, you should call us at Go-Forth Pest Control services! Let our team of highly trained professionals do the job for you. Call us now!

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