How Do You Put Up Christmas Lights?

November 21, 2019

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone’s excited to hang their very own Christmas lights. From white to blue, Christmas is the most colorful event of the year. Without it, it feels like the year is missing a month. Heck, a vacation would be boring without Christmas. 

Are you excited to put up your own Christmas lights as well? It’s about time! So, how do you put up Christmas lights?  How do you put them high up to design your home? 

It’s quite easy to install. You can position it anywhere you want – hang it however as it may please you. The problem is, how do you install it without the risk of short-circuits? 

Bulbs Should Be Working Efficiently

First off, Make sure that all of the bulbs are working. If not, use your warranty and exchange it. Be careful while installing the lighting. 

Insulate Your Wires

Make sure to secure the wires with insulated holding. Avoid using nails as they are very good electricity conductors. 

Stable & Secure Power Source

The power source of your Christmas lighting should be from a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet. This detects if the circuit has overcurrent and will shut it down immediately. If you don’t have this kind of outlet, have an electrician install one for you. You can purchase a portable outdoor unit from your department store or hardware store for less than $20. 

The Extension Cords Should Be Out Of Your Way 

Make sure that the extension cords are as stable as your circuit line. It should be above ground where it is unlikely to get wet. Also, keep in mind that the cords and wires should be out of reach of children. You’ll never know what their scheming minds can get them to do. 

Tape your cords across walkways to avoid stumbling because of it. As much as possible use the correct length so it won’t pile up and create a hazard. 

Use Waterproof Lighting 

Especially when you are installing Christmas lights outdoors, make sure that you choose water-resistant lights that are marked with “Underwriters Lab” (UL). This brand means that the product meets the American National Standards Institute. Double-check your lights. Do not install indoor lights outdoors. It will bring you trouble. 

Turn The Lights Off Before Going To Bed

This is one of the best safety measures for Christmas lights. Do not leave it to the security of your circuit or your wires. There are external factors that can contribute to the malfunction of your lightings such as rats and mice. If you have a rodent infestation, eliminate them now and experience Christmas in a safer and more satisfying perspective. If you want to hire the best Christmas Light Installer in the Triad Area of North Carolina to do the trick, call Go-Forth Pest Control – the company that serves and protects. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Lighting 

What Is The Difference Between C7 & C9 Bulbs?

People often use these bulbs to have a traditionally-lit Christmas. These are the common cone-shaped lights you see in convenience stores. The two differences between these two bulbs are their size and wattage. C9s are bigger and easier to see from a distance. Hence, it has a greater wattage value than C7. However, both of them are illuminating and are a colorful addition to your home design. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using Miniature Bulbs? 

This type of bulb actually costs less and consumes less power compared to the other types of bulbs. It can be used to design the interior and exterior homes, including trees and fences. These bulbs come in strands of 50 to 100. Remember, when installing miniature bulbs, its strings run in a series circuit. If a bulb or a socket malfunctions, it affects the whole section. 

Did you know that miniature bulbs have a shunt that keeps the other lights lit even if a bulb filament burns out? It gives people the advantage of saving money, time, and effort since all you need to do is replace the burnt bulb.

What Do I Use For Landscape Lighting?

To light the shrubs and bushes for additional design, the best light to use is net lighting. This is a mesh of connected mini LED lights that blanket your shrubs and gives it a flowing design.   

What Is Animated Lighting?

Animated lights are often used for adding scenery to the environment such as a reindeer or an angel. It is made of wireframes that outline different shapes and scenes. Some are even surrounded by mini lights. They come in a variety of colors and patterns.

What Are Shimmer Spheres?

From the name itself, shimmer spheres come have circular formations like snowballs or stars. These bulbs are made up of many lights in different sizes which gives them the twinkling effect. With the use of these spheres, your home will shine like a Christmas village. It makes your surroundings peaceful and admirable. It brings the joy and solace of Christmas. 

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