How Do You Wrap A Tree With Christmas Lights?

November 21, 2019

Christmas is the best season of the year, don’t you think so? It is full of joy, color, and wonder. It has been the brightest tradition in this world. Are you excited to put up Christmas lights in your home? So am I! 

Now is the season to be jolly. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your patio and garden decorated with Christmas lights? That will set your mood in a solemn and merry way. Even passers-by will be delighted with Christmas lights, that's why we would like to make it special and beautifully designed.  

But, do you know how to wrap a tree with Christmas lights?  Don't fret because it’s quite easy to install lights on your fences and shrubs. All you need is a close and stable circuit. But what if you want to decorate your trees?

Here are some basic tips to wrap your tree with Christmas lights:   

Measure the circumference and height of the trunks and the branches you want to wrap with lights. Make sure that you get the circumference and the height right so you’ll know the length and size to buy from the market. Usually, people use bulbs with 6” spacing where the average interval between each string is 2 – 3 inches. 

The formula to determine the length of Christmas lights is as follows:

1. Divide trunk height with desired string spacing (2-3 inches). 

2. Multiply your answer to the circumference.

3. Voila! You now know how long to buy from the store. No more trial and errors. 

4. Not every tree needs to be wrapped. This will present a better and more attractive distribution of light.

5. When installing Christmas lights on trees, have someone to help you. You should not do it alone. Ask your children, parents, and cousins for help. Christmas is family time, you can use this as a bonding time. You can even include your friends 

6. Aim starting at the base of your tree. Make sure that the mains plug is at ground level so you can easily connect it to an extension cord. 

7. Starting from the end, start wrapping the tree. Observe proper intervals between strings for better presentation. 

8. Make sure that you wrap the strings tightly so you don’t have to worry about any loose wires that could cause danger. 

9. You can use zip ties to hold the strings in place. Never use nails and tacks as it can cause a short circuit especially when it gets wet. 

10. Turn off the lights when you’re not around or when you’re asleep. This is one of the main reasons for house fires – neglected Christmas lights. There are instances when environmental factors will cause malfunctions. Raccoons are very curious creatures. Who is to say they will not play or dwell on your Christmas lights when you’re not around? To prevent any danger, it’s still best to disconnect or unplug the wires when it is unattended. 

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