How Long Does It Take For Pest Control To Work? (Winston-Salem Exterminators)

May 1, 2020

Millions of cases of pest-related illnesses are fatal. People underestimate the danger of pests in the household. This is why they neglect to apply basic methods of pest control such as effective housekeeping and pest barriers. Little do they know the severity of complications humans can get from various pests.

The Dengue virus alone affects more than 5 million people in one year. How many more can pests infect if you add rodent and cockroach-related illnesses? Because of this fear, residents of North Carolina apply effective pest control methods to help prevent, if not eliminate pest infestations. If cases get so severe, they call a professional to do the job.

Illnesses are not the only reasons why people take pest control seriously, here are a few more:

Damage To Houses

Pests such as mice and termites bring damage to households. Did you know that householders pay millions of dollars for repairs because of these pests?

Termites target the foundations of your home. They are called the silent invaders. Once a colony starts to feed on the structure of your house, the damage will have become irretrievable by the time you see it. This causes people to renovate some or most parts of their home. Others are forced out of their own houses because the structures have been weakened. Storms and earthquakes can easily tear it down.

Mice, on the other hand, can cause house fires. Because of their agile nature, they can reach the top-most part of our homes and chew on electrical wirings. This causes short-circuits and electrical malfunctions which eventually causes a fire. Can you imagine how much danger these creatures bring to your home or establishment?

Since we cannot see them, we need help from Winston-Salem expert exterminators to assess any sign of pest infestation. With their help, they can detect pests earlier to apply the necessary methods for pest management. Without their help, it will be too late to find out that your home is infested by these pests. 

Damage To Belongings

Not only do they damage homes but also our personal properties. Pests such as Silverfish and cockroaches can damage food packaging. Whenever they’re desperate for food, they don’t hesitate to go to the kitchen and open several food packs to satiate their hunger.

If this happens, we will spend more time segregating which parts are contaminated or not. There are even instances when the entire food pack is no longer inedible. Imagine if your kitchen is infested with pests during this quarantine period. How many more times do you need to go to the market to store food?

Other things they infest are our cabinets where we store our clothing and blankets. Aside from Silverfish and cockroaches, moths can damage the fabric as well. Cockroaches are attracted to food stains and sweat stains.  If you don’t do your laundry often, they can penetrate the fabric just to sip those stains, causing tears and holes in your garments.

Silverfish and moths, on the other hand, are attracted to books and clothing. If your home is infested with these, don’t be surprised sudden tears on your books, reviewers, and clothing. Can you imagine them ruining your final dissertation paper? This is going to cost you a lot of money to reprint. 

Damage To Crops

Other pests that people hate are garden and crop pests such as weevils, Japanese beetles, aphids, whiteflies, grubs, and many more. These are responsible for damaging crops, leaves, flowers, and grasses. If your farm or garden is infested with these pesky creatures, it affects your production and your income. So, if you want to improve your sales this year, apply basic pest control measures. Better yet, call a professional to assess the source of the infestation and eliminate it for good. 

Psychological Disorders

People have no idea that there are pest-related phobias. These disorders are common from late childhood to early adulthood. It can be developed through exposure to traumatic experiences with pests. The most common pest-related disorder is Katsaridaphobia, or the fear of cockroaches and Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders or arachnoids in general.

People with these disorders experience difficulties in functioning at home or work. They panic even at the thought of these insects. If they see one, they are likely to frolic and faint. This is why phobia is not a joke. Without psychological intervention, these people could remain dysfunctional for the rest of their lives. They won’t be able to function at work, school, or even at home.

According to experts, one way to prevent pest-associated phobia is to stop using insects as a threat to get children to eat their vegetables, sleep in the afternoon, or do their homework. Our kids have very wild imaginations. If we keep giving them ideas about how horrible pests are, it might develop into psychological disorders.

Another way to prevent phobia is to eliminate the pests themselves. We cannot deny that mishaps could happen at home. Children can accidentally get in contact with these pests and develop psychological dysfunction. 

DIY Tips To Eliminate Pests 

To eliminate the threat, apply these DIY procedures to help prevent, if not eliminate the signs of pest infestations in the household.  

1. Seal potential entryways. This is the most important method to prevent infestation. Conduct a monthly checkup of your house’s structures to assess even the smallest cracks or crevices. Seal these holes to prevent pests from coming inside. This is also beneficial to catch already-existing pests in the household. So, when you or a professional lay traps and baits, they have nowhere to run. And they are more likely to fall into your traps. 

2. Keep your house clean and tidy.  You don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money on baits, barriers, and traps. Sometimes, keeping the house clean is enough to ward off pests. When these creatures observe too much human activity, they are less likely to establish their nests and make it their habitat. Pests prefer areas that provide security and safety for reproduction.  To make your house as unattractive as possible, maintain effective housekeeping skills such as vacuuming, sweeping, and organizing. 

3. Keep shrubs and bushes away from your house’s foundation.  Pests usually come indoors through the overlapping branches from trees and shrubs. They can enter our attics, basements, windows, and doors. As much as possible, move these plants at least 6 feet away from your house. Then, constantly treat your lawn with pest barriers to keep them away. 

4. Seal food and beverages in secure containers.  Pests can easily penetrate foods stored inside boxes. It doesn’t take a mouse two minutes to chew on this protective covering. To keep them away, store your food and beverages inside compartments that no pest can enter. 

5. Eliminate excess moisture.  According to entomologists, most pests are attracted to moisture in the atmosphere. The cockroach, for example, is a hydrophilic pest. It thrives in water. This is why you can often see them under your sink wood or inside your bathroom, where moisture levels are at its peak.

To eliminate moisture, use a dehumidifier. You can purchase this at your nearest department store at a very low price.  Furthermore, check if there is leakage from your pipes. These generate more moisture in the atmosphere. Call your local plumber to fix this for you if you can’t do it by yourself. 

Call The Pest Control Professional With Great Reviews In NC

This is the easiest and most practical way to eliminate pests from your environment.  With just one quick call, they can assess your surroundings and detect any pest infestation. Residents of North Carolina rely on Go-Forth Pest Control to take care of pest problems. With their help, they can and pinpoint the source of the infestation and eliminate all pests for good.

This company prides itself on using state-of-the-art methods for pest management. These are proven and tested safe for the environment and the living things surrounding it. So, even if you have children and pets around, you don’t have to worry about them getting in contact with any pesticide residue. The professionals will take care of that.

If you’re wondering how long pest control takes, it could last from 1 to 2 days depending on the severity of the infestation. So, before they perform their services, you need to prepare as per their instruction. With severe infestations, they might administer chemicals inside and outside your home. During which case, the professionals will politely ask you to find somewhere else to stay until the pest management procedures are done. This helps protect you and your family from contracting any allergy from the fumes and residue.

There you have it!

Different pests can infest homes. Each of which brings different types of nuisance. For the ultimate protection from these pesky creatures, call a professional near you and let them help you achieve the pes-free environment you and your family deserve. Call Go-Forth Pest Control now and get your free quote! 

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